6 Times Goodreads Got The Rating Wrong



Conclusion? If it’s a psychological thriller, it must be a pretty damn good one! Because I have enough with alcoholic and amnesia women. Can we please please stop with Woman in the Kitchen and Woman in bicycle kind of titles?

What about you? Did you guys notice how Goodreads can sometimes be very wrong? Of course, book reviews are so subjective it’s hard to always agree on everything.

Thank you to Penguin Random House and Harper Collins for providing me a copy of these books! 


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28 thoughts on “6 Times Goodreads Got The Rating Wrong

  1. One of my fave author Mons Kallentoft has his books rated around 3.3 on GR. I love his style! Crime thriller with poetic flow. I’m like ” he’s so great!!! people don’t understand his genius!” 😪


  2. I really want to read Nesbo’s Macbeth. And yesssss, I am so tired of ‘Woman’, and ‘Girl’ in titles. I’ll just sail on past. It’s gotten so common now. Doesn’t matter how good people tell me the story is. It’s become a big NOPE for me.


  3. Actually I find those ratings to be quite interesting haha it is like so many people have so many different interpretations of the book… but I feel “mad” when I see a book I love that it has a bad rating 😦 but I feel so concern when I give a book a bad rating and it has like 4 stars… am I the only one not liking this book? XD


  4. Macbeth, House Swap and Armanda are all on my TBR. I am excited to check them out after seeing this review. I also have The Woman in the Window on my TBR. I am a little skeptical because of all the hype it got. I also have The Good Daughter on my TBR. I read Pretty Girls by her and loved it. I still am excited to get to this one. Sorry it wasted your time 😦


  5. You cannot actually fault Goodreads though as the ratings come directly from the readers 😉 I tend to go against the grain as well though. So I am in the same boat with you. But it is fun to see how our experience compares to the majority, which is I guess sort of what we are doing when we compare rating on site such as this 💜 fun post!


  6. I take Goodreads ratings with a grain of salt. They are almost always overdrawn. If a book’s rated 4 or 5, they tend to become a 3 or 3.5 for me. Good thing I don’t buy all of my books (Overdrive’s amazing!) or else I’d be disappointed in purchasing overrated tales.


  7. Oh this is such an interesting post – I have to say, I am kind of influenced by Goodreads rating, even if I know they can be very subjective, I can’t help it. When I see a low rating, I’m a bit more wary of picking up the book, than when I see a higher rating, but I guess everyone feels this way 🙂 It’s the best, though, when you read a book with a low rating and end up being surprised by how much you love it 😀


  8. I hate when one book does really well and then the publishers market every even vaguely similar book in exactly the same way. It’s so weird to me. Enjoying a story a lot doesn’t mean that I then want to read hundreds of iterations of the same kind of story.


  9. Yeah this actually happens to me more often than I would have liked… Unpopular opinion reviews and all. 😉 Goodreads can go both ways though, and I tend to read reviews of people I trust and know have a similar taste rather than focus on the rating itself.


  10. I’ve never gone back to compare my ratings and those of Goodreads. It sounds like I really should! How did you end up with the decimal points on your ratings? I typically only see whole numbers in your reviews on this blog, hence the question.


  11. I agree with you and all the Woman and titles. Publishers sometimes beat a story type over our heads. Once in a while you find a reviewer in Goodreads that likes the same thing as you, a kindred spirit. What I find funny is when a reviewer states a book is one of their favorites and they give it 3 stars! You have to be true to you. Great post! ♥️


  12. Well, it is one of those websites that bases its ratings on user scores. User scores tend to be more reactionary based than on actual quality. Just look at Metacritic’s user scores for proof. There are some terrible movies with 7+ scores.


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