Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari [Blog Tour]


First,  this book may not be for Young Adults. It is described as Silence of The Lambs YA but now that I think about it (I read weird dark/gory stuff when I was a teenager so I thought it was okay but other people at that age may not normally read those kind of books ), I would consider this book too gory for the Young Adult audience. 

Second, this is not Silence of The Lambs, because it doesn’t have that multilayered and complexity as narrative. This one, on the contrary, is rather straightforward. The scenes can get pretty graphic *trigger warning here* and if you are an animal lover, it may be disturbing a bit (a lot).


That being said, I think this book has a great horror and thriller/suspense vibe. The slow pace was required to achieve the perfect psychological course. A lot of people complaining about nothing really happened in the beginning, well I think that part was intended in order for us to process what happened. That’s the real human reaction to shock and traumatizing experience and some people may forget about that.


As a lover of psychological thrillers, I loved the writing and how the author approached it and especially how the twist revealed in the end. I know that reviews are meant to be subjective but I honestly don’t understand why people give low ratings just because the story covers difficult topics. Life is tough. Get over it. It can’t always be rainbows and sunshine. For me, if you decide to read a book with a particular genre you must be prepare to know what’s coming. So this book would definitely fit my post Times Goodreads Got The Rating Wrong LOL


I am honoured to be on the Blog Tour organized by Penguin Teen CA with my fellow book bloggers for the release of this book! Check them out here! 

Thank you all for reading the post! What do you think about the book ? Do you intend to read it? What do you think about people reviewing a book negatively just because some scenes are just too disturbing for them? Let me know in the comments 😀 bloodwillout3


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15 thoughts on “Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari [Blog Tour]

  1. I have wanted to read a phycological thriller for so long and I am a bit of a masochist haha so I think I will add it to my TBR! BTW I LOVE THE PICTURES!!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!


  2. I liked this one, even though the animal stuff was disturbing. I know it’s YA because of the ages of everyone, but I agree that it will be too much for some teens. I read true crime as a teen, so it wouldn’t have bothered me at that age. Great review!


  3. Ohh this definitely doesn’t sound like a book for me. I’m not a fan of Silence of the Lambs (I had a scarring experience in my childhood when I saw that film when I was ten) or really graphic books so I’ll be giving this one a miss but I’m glad you enjoyed it Trang. 🙂
    Great review as well. 😀 ❤


  4. Great review Trang! Animal cruelty and violence are one of my few triggers though (I do not know why, but hard for me) so maybe pass for now and love you for the warning 💕 I have to ask, you mention that you do not understand low ratings do to difficult content and I agree. But you also mentioned that this felt too graphic for YA in your opinion. Could some of those lower ratings in such books be due to the fact that maybe they are mislabeled and misleading, often presenting readers with content or triggers they were not prepared to face? I know I can become very frustrated when I discover a book covers a hard subject for myself and yet there was nothing in the blurb, etc. to prepare me.

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  5. I order YA books for my library- I will have to carefully consider if it would be appropriate for that age range. But I want to read it!


  6. Yeah, this one isn’t for me. I don’t do well with, well, anything graphic. Pass! A solid review, Trang. I appreciate how clearly you can separate out the different elements of the novel with your words. I think people will often give books lower ratings if they are triggered by the content, but don’t realize it. There’s nothing worse than being surprised by a book with a trigger you weren’t expecting!


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