Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition Vol. 4 by Yukito Kishiro

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30 thoughts on “Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition Vol. 4 by Yukito Kishiro

  1. And yet another fantastic looking entry.

    You know what’s sad though? I just tried to read one of the tankouban manga I had and squinting at the little print gave me a mother of a headache. I think my days are over. Thank goodness I can get manga digitally now!

    And back to you. Where are you finding the space for all these wicked awesome hardcovers? They are big and aren’t exactly space friendly…

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    1. That is indeed a bit sad… Does that mean.. You’ll be selling/giving away your volume soon? 😮

      Ah ha! Space is not an easy if you have a bat cave! 😀 Okay, in all seriousness, I’ll always make space for my comic book collection. I don’t have the hugest collection of books ever, but I can definitely find places where to put them for now. Once space becomes much more limited, I’ll probably start filtering out the books I don’t want in my long-term collection and make room that way. I know someday I won’t have a choice but to bend the knee to the digital lord, but I will do everything in my power to make that day as far, far, far away from the present day as possible. 😀

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      1. Yes, Mrs B is going to go through and note which series she’ll read again and then I’ll be putting them up on Craigslist. Sigh. I feel like I’m putting up my firstborns.

        Good to know you aren’t suffering for space just yet. Hopefully by the time you would be, you’ll be able to afford a bigger place and not need to downsize 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait to get started on this series. Hopefully with my upcoming vacation in September, I can finally read some of these (and finish Monster which I still haven’t done so far). It’s nice to read this series has withstood the test of time. Hopefully the series will have a satisfactory ending. Will you be reading the follow up to this series as well? 😊

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    1. I look forward to the day you do finally get around to checking these out. It’ll be nice to finally hear the opinion of someone else on this series. 😛 I do want to try out the prequels and what not, but I won’t collect them unless they come in a deluxe edition. Those tankuban manga size are bit underwhelming alongside my hardcovers/paperbacks. To start collecting those again (yes, I used to do it back in high school) would easily take away so much of my room space! 😛

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      1. The follow up to this one has some very cool, oversized omnibus type mangas and look seriously wicked (and there are only five of them so they are easy to collect). While not as cool as these editions, they are still very nice 😊😊

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  3. Awesome to follow your journey in reading this series Lashaan, it does sound enjoyable. A shame that there’s been little progression in Alita’s mysterious background this far in though, but I suppose depends on how it all concludes.

    Were there ever any anime adaptations of Alita? I’m rather dubious about the live action version and after ‘Ghost in the Shell’ I’m wondering if Hollywood adaptations of manga properties are going to become like video game movies (in that they never seem to work but they keep trying anyway)?

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    1. Yep, the final volume should really tell what the writer’s main goal was in this series. There’s indeed an anime adaptation for this series which is well-appreciated by fans. I haven’t seen it yet though. Ahh, I totally agree with you. Both video games and manga have very bad luck in regards to live-action adaptations. Hopefully the day will come when one will finally be a success. The recent news of Henry Cavill being cast for the Witcher series sounds promising though! 😁 Then again, it’s not a movie hehe.. This reminds me: Can’t wait for The Last of Us 2!!! It’s been a while now, but that E3 gameplay reveal was PHENOMENAL. I do remember you being just as much of a fan of the series too. Oh, I also can’t wait to dive into Insomniac’s Spider-Man game this week!!!!

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      1. It’s cool that Henry Cavill is getting roles in things like the Witcher and Mission: Impossible, but I’d much prefer a new Superman movie!

        Yeah, still looking forward to Last of Us 2 and I pre-ordered Spider-Man as soon as it was announced. The online retailer dispatched it yesterday so fingers crossed it’ll land very soon – I hope it lives up to the hype, we really need some good super hero games outside of the Batman Arkham series.

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        1. Tell me about it! I am a bit sad that the reaction from critics and a bunch of fans to DC’s/Warner Bros’ movie slate and marketing tactics has been negative; I feel like this is just making them go all nutty about what to do next and how to do it, while being relevant in a Marvel-dominating box office. I for one know that we both will adore anything they release, but the messy plans they have right now is a bit disconcerting nonetheless!

          Oh yes. Nothing beats the Batman Arkham series. I am really looking forward to Rocksteady’s next game. Something tells me their next project will be a game-changer, literally. I mean… Imagine a Superman open-world game. Or something even more ambitious like a Justice League game. I know there were rumours about a Suicide Squad game from them, but man, anything by them will be an insta-buy!

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          1. Absolutely, I mean, Justice League may have been a little rough around the edges but I still really enjoyed it and hope we eventually get to see another team-up. Hopefully Aquaman and Shazham hit the ground running but like yourself I don’t want them to just ape Marvel’s style – both brands need there own style and identity.

            Definitely and I’d really like to see a Superman game from Rocksteady as I feel they’d find inventive ways to make it work!

            I’ve got me hands on Spider-Man and so far it’s pretty darn good!

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