18 thoughts on “Batman: Preludes to the Wedding by Tim Seeley

    1. In the main Batman Rebirth run, he’s almost inexistant as more stories don’t focus on his characters. I think it’s deliberate and Tom King is just letting the Detective Comics run play with that character a lot more. As I might have mentioned in my reviews of the earlier volumes of that Rebirth series, Tim Drake plays a crucial role in the big villain that the whole Rebirth era has brought into play. I don’t think we’ll see much of Tim Drake within Tom King’s world. 😀

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        1. Yep, exactly. He could appear whenever he wants, but he hasn’t really done so, so far. It has always been somewhat of an issue that there’s two main Batman series happening at the same time. Since the New 52, the main series has always been “Batman”, while “Detective Comics” always came second and had its own stories to tell (while sometimes connecting itself to the lore through those “main” or “crossover” events). Detective Comics, before the New 52, was the main series, and is, after all, the one that started it all with Batman. The issue numbering for that run speaks for itself as it is nearing the same milestone as Action Comics did back in April (1000).

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  1. Hmm…sounds like this one was a bit of cash grab. That’s one of the things that usually happens when a highly anticipated series makes it’s way onto the comic scene. Do have to say that I like the premise for the Harley Quinn storyline! Oh well, still sounds decent enough I guess. As always, great post! 😊

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  2. Nice review Lashaan, I was aware of these specials but I tend to ignore things like this as they never seem to really add all that much value (guess I was burnt out after Marvel’s Civil War all those years ago, where I fell into the trap of trying to collect EVERYTHING outside of the main mini-series).

    Still, that Joker story from DC Nation #0 was GREAT and it does tie neatly into the sublime two-parter in Batman #’s 48 & 49!

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    1. I am completely on your side here. These spin-offs have been nasty at times. The last one I did was for the Metal event, but at least those were worthwhile, even the spin-offs, in my books.

      I’m just glad to have got the chance to read that Tom King story cause I didn’t order my copy of DC Nation #0 (even if it was just 0.25$)! I also just finished reading volume 7. Just… Wow. More to come in my full review in the near future. 😛

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    1. The thing is, Harley, Poison Ivy and Catwoman have a special friendship together, and they usually go by the name of the Gotham Sirens. It’s actually a thing, and that friendship is sort of the reason why Harley would get in the way of the Joker and his desire to ruin the wedding between Batman and Catwoman hahah


    1. It is a fascinating one, isn’t it? There a little bit of extravagance and goofiness to this one, but the idea is nice and merits appreciation. 😀 And yes! I love that cover too. So haunting and disturbing! Thank you so much for reading! 😉

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