Damage: Out of Control by Robert Venditti

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19 thoughts on “Damage: Out of Control by Robert Venditti

  1. Lol….hulking out…yeah…I saw what you did there 😂😂 Well, it’s always nice to see some new heroes enter the fray so to speak. But too bad this could have been a little bit better in that regard. Especially when it serves as an introduction, one would hope that it’s done in a little bit of a better way (especially if you want people to pick up and start following this). That said, it still looks pretty cool though, especially the artwork. As usual another wonderful and winning post from you! 😊

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    1. Yep. I think anyone’s first reaction upon hearing about this will be to see a rip-off of the Hulk. It’s going to take a lot for this particular hero to make a name for itself. At least anyone who’s looking to have some fun will find some here. They just shouldn’t expect to see Damage outshining any other heroes for now. 😛 Thanks for reading, Michel! 😀

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  2. Interesting review! I’d have to read up quite a bit to even think about reading this one, but when I finally get to work through DC stuff, it will be in large parts thanks to your writing on these comics 🙂

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  3. DC’ing the Hulk doesn’t seem very fresh, new or original to me. If DC wants to start a new line of comics, they need some new heroes with brand new ideas, not just recycled stuff. Recycling might work in manga but I think that is because there isn’t a Superman/Batman/Wonderwoman trio like there is in comics. Those characters are the gold standard. I think DC should kill off those three, for real, not in a stunt like the Death of Superman, Knightfall super storylines back in the 90’s. Then they have the freedom to skip around with characters from year to year. That just isn’t going to happen though, as they are the backbone of the DC sales events 🙂

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    1. Indeed. It’s impossible for anyone to not see the Hulk in Damage. This is one new hero who will struggle quite a bit if you ask me. The other heroes part of this New Age of Heroes however aren’t such “direct” copies. I do look forward to exploring their first arcs to see what the other writers/artists have been able to do though. As for your radical idea for any possibility for these new heroes to shine… I second that there’s no way they’ll do that. They can take these heroes and spin them in so many directions, and make completely new stories, non-canon (i.e. Elseworlds stories) with them too. Only good story-telling, art, events and time will give these new heroes a foundation to stand on. For now, Damage was clearly not the best of the bunch.

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  4. The artwork is incredible. I have to say we have such different reading tastes but I enjoy your reviews. I always learn something new and there is no hiding your enthusiasm for what you are reading and writing… even when there are some pitfalls to the work, as in this one. I will be interested to see if this is the dawn of a new group of DC heroes though….

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    1. It indeed is! A bit unfortunate that the artist changes in the last parts, but they try hard enough to make the style as similar as possible (not an easy task).

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I already know that most people out there have never cracked open a comic book or a graphic novel and that the reception for my reviews are probably never going to be as insane as a review for the latest YA novel, but hey, we read and share what we want, right? At the end of the day, I tell myself that one of my reviews will end up connecting with the reader and make them want to give a comic book a shot someday hahah


  5. Awesome review sir! Whilst it would of course be great if DC could establish/re-establish a new set of characters spilling out of Metal, the previews I’ve read in the back of regular DC titles haven’t enticed me. The only one I felt I might potentially give a go is this one but as it’s predominantly focused on just the action and seemingly an inferior riff on the Hulk (I loved your little pun up there), I have second thoughts. I don’t think it helps that these titles launched with some of DC’s finest artists (Tony S. Daniel, Jim Lee) only for them to depart after a couple of issues doesn’t really give them staying power, in my opinion.

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    1. Thanks man. And yes, the previews at the end of some issues in the past haven’t at all made me want to discover these heroes. I can imagine that it’s not easy to try and establish new characters so that a new fanbase can grow for them, but man… So far, it isn’t the most impressive attempt yet. And I totally agree with you. I was saddened to see how Tony S. Daniel didn’t even stick around for the whole arc. I wish they could change that work methodology at DC Comics…


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