Action Comics #1000 by Brian Michael Bendis

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21 thoughts on “Action Comics #1000 by Brian Michael Bendis

  1. I remember Action Comics 1000 being fairly good. I really haven’t been a fan of what Bendis is doing in the Superman series since.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing the Detective Comics 1000 anniversary special. I wonder if it’ll be another anthology book, or if it will be something a lot more focused.

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    1. I look forward to trying out his Superman series once it releases in a collected edition. I honestly haven’t heard too many great things in his later years at Marvel, but still have massive respect for what he’s done for the comic book industry earlier in his life.

      I believe there’s an 80 Years anthology book for it planned, and I’m sure they’ll try and do a special #1000 like they did for Action Comics. Definitely excited to see what they have in store for us! 😀


      1. Even if one isn’t a fan of his writing (he can be hit and miss for me), he’s got a lot of very loyal fans, and he is good at helping popularize characters who deserve more spotlight. I will give him that.

        And I did really like his X-Men run.

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        1. Indeed. This one probably reached deep into the hearts of fans, especially collectors who saw it as a huge moment in comic book history. After all, having the 1000th issue and preserving it will surely bring back a lot in the long run with its value increasing over the years. 😀


  2. Wow, that’s big news to me: Brian Michael Bendis left Marvel? Truly surprised at that. I have numerous terrific comic books by him, including Alias and the New Avengers. Well, good fo DC I suppose, as they are getting a really terrific writer.
    This is truly a very impressive collection alright The art looks phenomenal, and it’s terrific that they are celebrating such a monumental event in this way. As always your review was highly worth reading, and even though I am as you know not a huge Superman fan, this book sounds really interesting. Great post as always! 😊

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    1. Yep, those are indeed the series I have in mind when I spoke of his greatness at Marvel hahah His departure at Marvel was a bit shocking for everyone and he kept his projects at DC Comics a secret until this particular issue of Action Comics where everyone found out about his intention to write Superman. 😀 If anything, the addition of Brian Michael Bendis just makes DC Comics an even tougher opponent to beat in the comic book industry!

      Absolutely! Love how the anthology shows us all the various artwork that still all lead to the same principles that surround Superman. I definitely didn’t forget that you aren’t a huge fan of Superman, but I’m glad that you keep an open mind regarding his character and his stories. Thank you so much for reading, Michel. 😀


  3. Great stuff my friend! this may not surprise you, but my fave short was definitely the Tom King/Clay Mann story (boy would I love to see Tom King take on Supes one day, even if just for a mini-series) closely followed by the Bendis/Lee intro to Bendis’ run.

    I did find the return of the red trunks a bit odd at first (we’ve had so long without them now) but its grown on me and I get it in visual terms, having that separation of colour…I really did hate that brief period at the beginning of Rebirth when he had blue boots!

    Do you plan on checking out the Man of Steel series? Would love to hear your opinion on that.

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    1. I have to admit that it was amazing to see what they were able to do with Superman’s character. There’s a level of depth that King brings to the character that simply fits perfectly with him. It would be nice to see what they could if given the chance to do a mini-series for Superman. And yes, I definitely plan to check out Man of Steel. I’m curious to see what Bendis plans on doing with the character and if it actually works.

      The blue boots thing really did almost make it seem like it was a one piece pants/boots costume piece. I don’t really mind the New 52 design, although it make Superman look stereotypical instead of his iconic self. With the whole young and slimmer build, it clearly was trying to adapt to the era we were living in hahah I do wonder if anyone if noticed the return of the red trunks too! 😮

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