Weird Bookish Things I do



Staring at my bookshelves for at least 5-6 minutes to relax. I don’t know why but the fact that I can my books make me feel calm inside whenever I’m stressed out about something haha. They’re saying “You’re Home”. posher8


Although I own a big collection of bookmarks that I gathered around the city, I always end up creating my own LOL. I guess I like to experiment with watercolour and create something funny between the pages of my book.bookish


I can either binge read a book for 3 hours straight or pace the reading from a week to a month. There’s no in-between.Image result for read gif


Finding bookworms in real life is so rare that whenever I spot someone reading my favourite book, it’s a matter of life and death. LET ME BE YOUR FRIEND AND TALK ABOUT IT FOR HOURS PLEASE. Image result for talk gif


Stacking books and eventually build a wall with it because I ran out of bookshelves. IMG_20181017_232014


The guilt that swallowed you up because you haven’t read at all the whole day?! *GASP*Image result for shock gif


Getting excited to see the movie/ tv show adaptation even though you expect 70% of them to be crap haha. 

Image result for movie adaptation gif

What other weird bookish things that you do ? 🙂 Happy to hear your thoughts about it !


42 thoughts on “Weird Bookish Things I do

  1. Lol I can also either binge read a book or spread it out! Although my binge gets crazy I have told myself countless of times “I’ll just read until midnight then pick back up in the morning” and then I’m up all night with my phone as a flash light reading until the very end lol

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    1. LOL TELL ME ABOUT IT. It’s currently 4am right now and I just realized I jst finished a book 😅 oh the struggles. How you’re reading with a phone flashlight btw 🤔 I always end up hurting my arms LOL

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  2. Okay but I’m spotting THIS CRUEL DESIGN in your book pile and I screamed. sorry, I’m just way too excited to read this book hahahaha. 😀
    I can relate to some of these, especially the staring at the bookshelf thing, I just love to do that! And definitely stacking books, too, because I run out of space to put them all hahaha 🙂

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    1. HAHAHA GIRLL 😍😍 you’re the only one Making that comment and I’m so happy 😂😏 I need bookshelves donations to be honest LOL but yess for staring at bookshelves 😁😁

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  3. Lol, definitely a few I can relate to here as well 😊😊 I think another one that I would add is I keep buying books, even though I already own a ton of book that I haven’t read yet lol 😂😂


  4. Is readwalking a bookish thing? And having a not so discreet peek at one someone is reading on the train/wait room/ café? LOL


  5. I always get excited or bookish adaptations, I guess even though part of me knows they may be terrible it’s a very small part of me. Most of me is just really excited a book I love is going to be appearing on the big or small screen. 🙂 ❤️
    I never seem to see people out and about who read the same books I do, but whenever I see someone on public transport reading I take a sneaky peak and see if I can spot the title or cover. I just need to know what everyone’s reading. 😀


  6. I stare at my bookshelf after a long day. It’s so calming and rewarding. Hahaha the guilt for not reading. I always feel weird when I’m guilting myself. Glad I’m not the only one haha.
    Also, low key jealous of your ARC of Skyward.


  7. omg I can relate to all of this except making a DIY bookmark! These days I always stare at my shelf, it makes me feel relaxed and sometimes I specifically stare at my tbr reads 😂 like they are trying to say “come read us already!”


  8. I stay up through the night reading a book or read one book in a week as well. I think it has something to do with the fact that I am a mood reader.


  9. I love the look of your handmade bookmarks! haha I totally hear you about being excited when I hear someone’s reading one of my favourite books!! hehe I’ve definitely learnt how to stack books for sure 😉 And I get guilty for no reason too.


  10. Book stacks are taking over my room at the moment and it’s getting to the point where I probably should have a clear out cause I have no space left and my room is just cluttered haha. I use to be able to have a day of binge reading, but I’ve found that I fall into that weekly/monthly reading pace for books now.


  11. So many are relatable. I love the bookmark one and I have to ask just because I’m curious and because just like with books, I’m an uber collector of bookmarks. You cane never have enough. Do you do giveaways of any epic DIY bookmarks you create?
    Love this list and it really made me realize how of this I’ll do. I’ll pick up a book from my bookshelf and smell it’s pages to relax, reliving its pages almost.


  12. hahaaa, these weird things are brilliant!
    The stacks of books getting higher and higher is something that happens to me, too… just pop it on top of that pile there. Perfect! 😀


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