20 thoughts on “Stitches: A Memoir by David Small

  1. One of the things I always love about your blog is the incredible diversity in the things you read. This is certainly something that I would not really pick up anytime soon if I would come across it in a comics store. But after reading this post I was certainly fascinated enough to maybe check this out😊 Well done and great post!😀

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  2. While I love graphic memoirs, I tend to avoid tragedies. Not because I can’t handle it, but because life is too short to read books which cripple me emotionally. I read for escapism and I prefer happiness when I escape. 😉 That said, I’m super glad you reviewed this memoir! It sounds overwhelming and super powerful. Plus, those illustrations? Heartwrenching and beautiful. I love the art!

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    1. I totally understand. 😉 I do remember that being a condition to what you decide to read. I personally love hearing about these true stories/tragedies since they give us so much insight on things we can’t understand unless we see them, live through them. And yes! The artwork is perfect for the story being told. Great stuff! 😁

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    1. Thank you, Chris! Absolutely. Its versatility is probably the most unknown thing about comics for most of the world too, which is pretty sad! At least with the rise of superheroes, the relevance of this medium is becoming much more acknowledged!


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