Sideways: Steppin’ Out by Dan DiDio

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25 thoughts on “Sideways: Steppin’ Out by Dan DiDio

  1. Man, can it get any worse? Hope not, for our and DC’s sake… 😉 I appreciate your honesty about these, though – won’t be coming anywhere near those, thank you vey much! 🙂

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  2. Lol….a Z-list character, I have never heard of that term before: I like it! 😂😂 Man, we talked about it recently, but this new series of DC really seems to be dropping the ball doesn’t it. I do have to admit that I like the sound of this character’s powers though. All in all, especially as I am more of a Marvel fan anyway, all these new characters don’t really interest me to go check these books out 😂😂 As always though, your review was very enjoyable to read ! 😊😊

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    1. Yeh man. It was already a tricky character with barely any story with it so far, yet they still decided to tweak the character so much! Oh well, it was nice to see the character there already being adapted on the small screen hahaha

      And yes! The powers are pretty cool, and surely can give us so much to enjoy with the right stories (or maybe the right writers too).

      Thanks for reading nonetheless! 🙂 There are definitely better stories out there to check out. 😉

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  3. Lashaan, your reviews always make me so happy. Thank you for your honest interpretation of all the New Age of Heroes stories. You’ve convinced me by now that these comics just aren’t going to be for me. I WANT to love that DC is stepping out into new territory. I WANT to see a new generation of heroes and storylines and villains and universes and gadgets and problems to solve. But it’s obviously DC is falling short. It’s like the MCU has just made the entire DC comic empire fall in upon itself. I’m so sad.

    Will you keep reading the New Age of Heroes? Do you ever stop reading comics? 😉

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    1. Hahaha thank YOU for taking the time to read them, Jackie! 😉 And yep, honesty is the best policy. I am after all a huge DC fan, and an even bigger Batman fan, so if it’s come down to me bashing on some of these comic book series/series/stories, then there has to be something wrong somewhere! These series are totally unnecessary so far and the writers/illustrators on it should be working on something else completely.

      And yes, I’ll be giving each series a shot, just the first volume. So far, none of them have made me want to continue, but hopefully one of the later stories will be much more promising…

      Nop. Never going to stop reading comics. 😀 Why quit on something you love? That applies pretty much on anything/anyone in life. 😉

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      1. How many more first volumes exist in this series? I feel like every time I come over to Bookidote, you are reading another one! Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing your thoughts– I just hope that they don’t all end up a disappointment. Hopefully the promise you are looking for will appear in an upcoming volume.

        Exactly. Why stop reading something you love? 😉 I mostly meant stop reading this run, but I understand. If you love something so much, you’re often willing to take more of the bad to find the good. Your quest is honorable! And it’s helping cull my own TBR XD

        I wish you all the best!

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        1. As part of the of New Age of Heroes? There are a total of 8 new comic book series that have launched. So far I’ve read 4 out of 8, and I plan on checking out the first volume of the 4 others too once they come out as trade paperbacks (the individual comic book issues are already out and coming out bi-weekly or something). I honestly have zero expectations for them, and wouldn’t be surprised anymore if they also followed the trend. And I’m happy to help others realize before it’s too late if they’re bad or good! 😛 Thanks for reading as always, Jackie! 😀

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  4. Yep, another hard pass for me – following your (always superb) reviews on these titles and other opinions I’ve seen confirm that this ‘New Age of Heroes’ is anything but. Kudos to DC for trying to establish new sets of characters, but when they all seem to be riffs on classic characters it seems like wasted effort.

    Interesting that Silencer has debuted on Arrow (I’ve had to drop all the CW shows unfortunately as they were taking up far too much time), obviously a way of DC promoting the character?

    Awesome review as always sir, I especially enjoyed your comments on the art which is something that tends to ‘seal the deal’ with me – comics are of course a collaborative thing but I still believe that a good story needs the art to match it but likewise good art can’t hide poor writing (well, it may distract a little).

    P.S. Way behind on a lot of your reviews and I hope to catch up!

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    1. Yep man… I wish it wasn’t so blatantly obvious what they were doing, but it is and it’s a bit shameful. Just putting up my reviews for these is a bit saddening considering that not many even read comics and knowing what DC is doing with this New Age of Heroes line-up might just taint everything up.

      Oh man, I feel you there. I have recently greatly slowed down as well with the latest seasons as I barely find time to do it without feeling like I don’t have enough time to do everything else I need to do. I am curious about their Elseworlds crossover event, but I don’t know if I want to catch up to everything now, later or never… To be determined.

      I agree about the art. Usually a great story comes with great art, or even art that simply fits with the story, even if it’s not subjectively beautiful to us.

      No worries about being behind, Chris hahah I assure you that it’s not an issue at all if you don’t read them all.


      1. I might check out Elseworlds myself, especially since Superman is part of it. The only DC CW series I’m still watching is Black Lightening – have you seen that? It’s standalone and not connected to the Arrowverse and the writing is a bit more mature (but not on the same level as Daredevil).

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        1. Yep, I’ve watched the first season but I’m currently waiting for the whole second season to come out on Netflix. Otherwise, the only show I’m up to date in is Titans hahaha Can’t wait for you to get the chance to see it. It’s surprisingly pretty fun! I also look forward to Gotham’s final season… 😞


  5. well, I hadn’t even heard DC was up to this type of thing… leave it to me to be so completely out of the loop 😀 but, your descriptions of what characters look like, is spot on. There’s a serious case of head colds going on with a lot of sniffly noses 😀 hahaha

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    1. It does make them seem like really bad people, doesn’t it? Hahah But I assure you that, besides this line-up of comics in particular, they have great people writing great stories for their main stories, especially those concerning the classic DC heroes everyone knows and love. It’s just this new batch of heroes that seem extremely sketchy. Hopefully the next 4 series in this “New Age of Heroes” are far more compelling and original. 😛

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