This Year In Marvel

Bookidote has been filled with DC comics these last few days so I can’t help but write something about the Marvel Universe. Because I am for one, #teammarvel all the way.  Looking back, 2018 has been a big year for Marvel.


The biggest blow for all the Marvel fans in the world was the death of Stan Lee back in November. I wanted to dedicate a whole post to him but I found myself short on words. Mostly what I wanted to say is, he created a whole world of superheroes that slowly becomes one of the most important aspects in my life. X-Men are the first superheroes that I encountered and then, it was Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, etc. I will always remember the feeling of picking up my first comic issue ever.

Image result for stan lee gifI grew up with mangas in Vietnam, so to switch to the comics genre was so weird to me. The art is totally different. But the most important thing is, the themes, the values and the heroes are completely opposite. In a way, I was more into X-Men than any other superheroes because I love that group and unison feeling, the debate of the oppressed group, the mutants vs the world. Dreams and superheroes are a beautiful gifts to an 8-years-old me. Thank you Stan Lee for that. 

Shoutout to Stan Lee official website for linking one of my Captain America’s post to their links 🙂 I squealed like crazy ahahh for that small detail. 


2018: The year where Marvel released the most movies, starting with Black Panther, then the pain from Avengers Infinity War to the comedy vibe of Ant-Man, the anti-hero of Venom and Deadpool 2 and the animation of Spider-Man Spiderverse.

My top 3 : Black Panther, Venom and Spider-Man Spiderverse. 


Two trailers released these last few days : Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 ! Can’t say how much I’m excited for both movies 😀 What are your thoughts about the trailers or even Marvel  MCU in general? 🙂



15 thoughts on “This Year In Marvel

  1. The Husband and I love our Marvel!!! For me it started with the X-men movies, he adores his Spiderman. We religiously played a Marvel game for quite a few years on our phones, till we realized it had completely taken over our lives. We still really like the movies tho, and I read a few of the comics (Spider-woman, Silk, X-23… and Elektra is on its way in the post). The passing of Stan Lee was very sad. I gave The Husband a groot/venom top the day after, and he lives in it now. In his mind it is connected to that day, and all the amazing things Stan did.


  2. Oh I am so excited for the Captain Marvel movie; the trailer looks amazing and Brie Larson looks kick-ass as Carol Danvers. It feels kind of weird saying this but I’m almost more excited for Captain Marvel than I am the fourth Avengers film (mainly because you know the fourth Avengers film is going to be absolutely heartbreaking).
    Great post Trang, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more Marvel amazing-ness to come in 2019 right?! 🙂


  3. I love Marvel movies! My favourite hero from the Marvel universe is Spiderman, he has been my favourite ever since I have been a child. ❤ I have never actually read a Marvel comic, mostly because I find them intimidating – there are so many of them and there are so many universes. Plus they weren't really accessible where I grew up, perhaps I'll look for them in my library as I'm living in a big city now. 😀 I'm also really looking forward to Captain Marvel, though there are many Marvel movies that I need to watch first (I have fallen behind on them). Amazing Post! 😀 It was really sad to see Stan Lee go.


  4. I love the Marvel universe! I still haven’t watched Deadpool 2 and Venom but I hope I can watch them soon. I’m so excited for Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel too! 💃💃


  5. Love your comments on Stan Lee- he was just an amazing creator that gave so much to the world! And X Men have always been my favourite superheroes because they deal with such complex and interesting issues- I really like how their stories offer the chance to examine questions like being an outsider and discrimination. And I’ve only seen one of your top three (black panther) and mannn that movie was goood!! I’m so psyched for both captain marvel and Avengers 4 too!!!


  6. Thank you for including the gif of what might be the greatest Stan Lee cameo of all-time. That’s saying a lot. There really aren’t many true living legends of entertainment pioneers left, and Stan Lee was one of the greatest among them.

    I like my DC (Mainly Batman, Superman and Supergirl), but Marvel’s always been my favourite superhero company. It’s incredible how far the MCU has come since Iron Man released 10 years ago. I remember when everyone thought that the first Avengers movie was crazy, and then both Avengers 2 and Civil War were bigger. I wish the X-Men franchise (my favourite superhero franchise) could get more consistently good movies like the MCU. Even the weakest movie in the MCU, Thor: The Dark World, is still at least watchable. It’s a pleasant way to kill an hour and a half if you’ve got nothing better to do.


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