Injustice: Gods Among Us (Vol. 1) by Tom Taylor

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21 thoughts on “Injustice: Gods Among Us (Vol. 1) by Tom Taylor

  1. Man, Supes just can’t catch a break, can he? It seems like he’s the icon of hope that every artist has to come along and graffiti on with their own little shit show. Sadly, it just shows how pathetic they are instead of actually defacing the great work of art.

    Not much else to say really…

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    1. Welp. When you’ve seen him save the day way too many times, sometimes you got to get curious and see what it would be like if he turns into a tyrant. And voilà. This is what we get! 😛 I had a pretty good feeling that you would have vomited upon hearing of this one though hahahaha

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  2. Maybe you are conflicted but there are still many elements in your review that intrigue me and make me want to read this one! Because Superman behaving in a very unusual way that I want to see!
    When I was reading the artists who had contributed to this book my reaction was : so many graphic artists and colorists? Wow. But now that you mention it I can understand that it would sometimes seem “slightly off”. I always wonder if some draw only one characters while another draws buildings etc. I think it would be very interesting to have a look “backstage”, see the “making of” and how everyone collaborate with each other.

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    1. Hahahah it is indeed worth discovering! An evil Superman who becomes a tyrant is a curious idea, and if this review made you curious, then I’m super happy! 😀

      Ohhh it’s a really good question. I think they wait upon each other to finish off pages and then send it between each other so that the other can continue the work with their own style and so on. It does seem pretty intense, but I’m sure there’s plenty of insightful videos out there that can enlighten us even more on how a comic book story is created! 😀


  3. Shock! Even though I’m a passionate gamer and comics fan, I’ve never played Injustice – I certainly know of it but the overall premise I find off-putting (I want a Rocksteady Superman/Justice League game darn it!). I tend to be suspicious of tie-ins like this as well as they pretty much always turn out to be quick, cheap cash-ins.

    So, one to avoid for me – great to hear your take on things as always sir!

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    1. I’m totally with you. I’ll take a Warner Bros Batman or anything by Rocksteady any time of the day, month, year, decade, century! I’ve seen rumours of a Rocksteady Harry Potter game too a while back, but I hope it’s nothing but a rumour and that their next project will still be a superhero game hahah

      There are some iconic huge (and insane) moments in it, but so far, how some (most) of the characters were off-putting really didn’t make me want to love this series unfortunately.


  4. Nice review! 🙂 This series was sooo conflicting for me and my boyfriend when we were reading through it. We constantly had complaints about it and yet we kept reading the next volume to see what was going to happen next. lol

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Oh my God!!! I’m actually pretty happy to know that you’ve read it though! No one who has had yet shared their thoughts with me on it hahahahah AND I totalllllllly sympathize with you two. It really was “WTF” a bit too often. When Wonder Woman started talking about ponies, I lost it. I do however plan on reading volume 2 just to finish this story arc and be done with it hahahah

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