The Immortal Men: The End of Forever by James Tynion IV

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17 thoughts on “The Immortal Men: The End of Forever by James Tynion IV

  1. ♪Another one bites the dust♪
    ♪Another one bites the dust♪
    ♪And another one gone, and another one gone♪
    ♪Another one bites the dust♪
    ♪Another one bites the dust♪

    Yeah, I think that song really seems to sum up this attempt by DC to branch out. It’s not just DC though. I remember when Fantastic Four was cancelled. I was shocked, as that had been running longer than my life. But when authors and artists aren’t good enough to create new stories that engage the readers, well, cancellations happen. I wonder if we’ll be seeing more and more cancellations as companies pull back to core characters that are now more movie related.

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    1. Hahahaah it was really inevitable, wasn’t it? I have to admit that I’m slightly happy that some of these are getting cancelled since all they do is harm DC’s reputation more than anything, but with the little number of folks who pick them up or even know about them, I guess it’s not such a big deal. As long as the canon series continue strong and that the DC events within the universe continue to be original and not downright ridiculous, things should be fine.

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  2. Sigh. Too much information/detail in the storyline and all the different artists? This seems like a flop which is waiting to happen. I wonder why DC is going down this path. I don’t know anything about the marketing strategy. Are they trying something new and different? With all these series being canceled, it’s hard to imagine DC will keep their footing here.

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    1. This whole expansion known as “The New Age of Heroes” is nothing more than just that… an expansion. It’s essentially an attempt at tossing “things” at the wall and seeing if anything sticks. I dislike how the writer and 1st main illustrator are super talented people, but then the artist disappears for the later issues. Feels like a betrayal to me. 😛 At least they aren’t forcing themselves to continue some of these lackluster series. And if they ever want to re-use some of the new characters in canonical series, they’ll at least have the first volumes available for fans to check out. 😀

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      1. I’m certain they WILL reuse some of these characters for canonical series in the future. You’re right – they are waiting to see what sticks with their readers before digging in further. Honestly, it’s a pretty smart way to get customer feedback quickly in a comic world; in terms of characters, writers, artists, and colorists! However, for me this is too much too fast. It’s definitely turning me off of DC comics.

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  3. Well, definitely another one for me to avoid – I may have been tempted if Jim Lee had pencilled all six issues and I do like Tynion as a writer but…nah, especially if these titles are going the way of the Marvel Netflix shows (ouch).

    Great review though sir, I admire your commitment in sampling all of these ‘New Age of Heroes’ volumes and you make a very apt point about the way they’ve been marketed by attaching a superstar DC artist – who happens only abandon the project rather quickly!

    Speaking of Jim Lee, I’d love to see another Batman/Superman/Justice League arc/mini series drawn by him – it’s been too long (although he did do that first arc of the Suicide Squad Rebirth series)!!!

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    1. Hahahahah yep. Just like those Netflix Marvel shows! 😀 I too am quite fond of Tynion’s and Lee’s work in general, but man, what this series offers is just unfortunate. It really feels like I was sold a false product…

      It would indeed be pretty cool if Jim Lee had some kind of surprise project in the works right now. He’s probably pretty busy in the whole business sphere of DC Comics however hahah


      1. Ah well.maybe in the next couple of years something might pop up. I’ve just finished re-reading Superman Unchained (review impending!) his art in that is just phenomenal. I’ll be revisiting Hush in the coming months as well since we’re in the year of Batman’s 80th. Best New Year wishes to you my friend!

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        1. Oh man, timely re-read of Hush right there! 😀 Did you get your hands on the Absolute Hush too? 😀 Sweet! I’ll be looking forward to that Superman Unchained review. It might be the push I’ll need to pick up my copy as soon as possible! Happy New Year to you, my good friend! 😀

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  4. Yeah that is an unfortunate trend for DC to copy so many of marvels characters :/ It’s good that this wasn’t such a blatant rip off, though it’s a shame it packed too much into one volume and that it struggles to help readers care for the characters. It doesn’t sound too surprising that the series was cancelled. Great review!

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