16 thoughts on “Batman: Europa by Brian Azzarello

  1. Very interesting concept… I like the idea of the different settings and how the hero and villain adapt accordingly. But too bad it didn’t reach it’s potential. What is it going to take to freshen up that relationship?

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    1. It is indeed! It was a fun story that has some historical and iconic locations inserted within the story, but the ending really lacked in the delivery for me. Ahhh, there are always great ways to explore that relationship (like the White Knight story). Someone will give us a great one soon enough. 😀

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  2. With respect to Lashaan and Bookstooge, I thought the artwork displayed was quite striking. I liked the unusual style and use of color. It is good to take chances. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it still good to try new stuff. As you say, the artists were attempting to convey the decay of both mind and body in the art. In my reading of this article, it seems that the lackluster finish hurt more than the confusing artwork.

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    1. Hahah no worries, Icky! I do agree though. I love when artists take a chance and do things differently. The artwork wasn’t the major reason why it didn’t work as well as it could’ve for me, it’s definitely the ending. But the way the artwork explores the decay was brilliant. I would’ve still liked a much more “clearer” artwork at times to better understanding where things where heading too though.

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  3. Ah dang for the ending because the artwork is just fantastic! Compared with your previous review of Venom I prefer this drawing and coloring!

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  4. Before reading your reviews I had never really thought before about the impact of the artwork when it comes to graphic novels – which is stupid really. Obviously it’s pretty important, haha! The deliberate changes the artists make sound really interesting, especially in this case even though it ultimately didn’t really work out for you.

    I am not a huge Batman person but I have seen the old joker movie (the Jack Nicholson one?) and I am intrigued by the idea of Batman and Joker having to join forces for a minute. Complicated villains are always my absolutely favourite so this sounds to me like a really interesting scenario. It’s a shame the ending sucked though.

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    1. Ahhhh artwork is so important when it comes to comic books/graphic novels/manga. And it’s how they convey the story that really draws my attention. Sometimes it looks mediocre at first, but once you read the story, you’re amazed at what the artwork was able to add to the story. In this case, the shift in artwork with different artists actually had a fascinating idea behind it all. I just think that some of the style needed more time to really sell what it was trying to sell.

      Ahhh Jack Nicholson gave us one of the best Joker characters of all time too! Glad to hear you got to see him in action. 😀 But yes! The relationship between the two is formidable and quite unique. It’s why the Joker is such a beloved villain. The bond between the two is really well explored in The Dark Knight too, an all-time favourite of mine. 😀

      Thank you for reading, Lydia! 😀

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  5. Awesome review, as ever, my good friend – wonderful and impressive use of language, I had to admittedly look ‘concomitant’ up (I always love adding to my vocab)! I seem to remember “Europa” getting mixed reviews when the individual issues were coming out and although the concept sounds intriguing – and you definitely heightened that for me here – I think it was the rotation of artists that dulled the interest for me, if Jim Lee had drawn all of it then I probably would’ve dived straight in because I also usually find Brian Azzarello reliable (DKIII, Joker, Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and more recently, Batman: Damned).

    It’s always a shame then when the denouement disappoints and doesn’t live up to the whole, still I might possibly wait until it’s cheap in a digital sale and check it out for curiosity’s sake!

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    1. Thank you, Chris! Hahaha that’s very research-oriented language. I think I wrote the review right after assisting a conference or something. Explains why I used such a word. 😀 And yes, I remember how hyped I was about the Azzarello-Lee combo, but then got saddened by how short this story is (4 issues) and how the artists changed from an issue to another. However, the rotation here is actually sort of justified, but I don’t think it was the most mind-blowing direction. The overall story, especially the ending, is what really dampened my enjoyment, but it’s definitely worth exploring someday, for cheap indeed.

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