Animal Man (Book One) by Grant Morrison

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28 thoughts on “Animal Man (Book One) by Grant Morrison

  1. Oh, man, and here I thought he was thankfully a quirk of the past 😉 I think I’ll abstain from reading this comic despite your kind words about it – not that I don’t believe you, but Animal Man… (shudders) 😉

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    1. He sort of still is since there are no ongoing series that has him as a protagonist. ;P Grant Morrison’s run was the only really “revolutionizing” one and I wouldn’t exactly recommend this to just about everyone either hahah There are much more interesting series to check out by him. 😉

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  2. Well Lashaan I had no idea who this Animal Man before reading this! Goind from laughing stock of DC comics heroes to someone worthy to follow is quite an achievement I’d say. Now presonally the art is not the best I have seen on your blog. Some other comics had me really in awe but this one leaves me quite cold.

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    1. Haahaha I’m pretty sure most people will have never heard of him too. While he was revamped into a character that is a bit more interesting, he still isn’t someone as popular as Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, for example. I totally understand for the art style. It is a style from the 90s that was quite commonly used before the modern day art style came to be. 😀


  3. I like that we now have such a thing as a second rate super hero! I mean if Ant Man can be a thing why not Animal Man. I’m not sure this is a super power that I would want if I’m being honest. Imagine a human being hit with a dog’s sense of smell? I bet it’d be a horror show.

    I really love that colour! The yellow still being painted in is really striking.

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    1. Hahaahh agreed! That dog’s sense of smell comment made me laugh 😛 I do have to mention that Animal Man chooses what animal’s power he wants and unless he wants to track down someone, I think he’d be wise enough to stay away from that ability hahahah Glad to hear your appreciation for the colours! It’s often very flashy and rarely plays with gradients too.


  4. Another wonderful and insightful review good sir! I’m not the biggest Grant Morrison fan but I’m always open to trying his stuff out (I keep meaning to check out Zenith, which is considered his best work for 2000ad – the British sci-fi anthology comic that features Judge Dredd) and enjoyed some of his work – I think Batman: Gothic is probably the best for me as it’s not overly Morrison-y if you get what I mean?

    Animal Man is something I always heard about in passing and you’re review has, once again, piqued my interest – I like the take on the concept and the art is appealingly classic. I didn’t realise it was published via the Vertigo imprint as well so that adds points – looks like I might be adding it to the list!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! It’s actually the first time I’m hearing about Zenith. I’m more knowledgeable of his DC/Vertigo content though hahah Definitely interested now that you mention it. You also reminded me that I need to check out some of that super long Judge Dredd series. But yes. Morrison can get quite Morrison-y in a lot of his series and so far I find that he loved to explore cosmic things with heroes that you’d never have seen on a cosmic-level. 😮

      Glad to put Animal Man on your radar, but be aware that it has some Morrison moments, but not the worse out there. I believe Animal Man was initially a DC Comics hero but it was then brought into the Vertigo imprint after Morrison’s run. And now, it’s called DC Vertigo since Vertigo’s reboot a couple months ago.


      1. Oh I’m definitely open minded about Morrison and willing to overlook his more ‘wackier’ moments of the overall story has value.

        Man, I think you would love Judge Dredd but recommend researching what stories to pick up as some of the really early stuff is…odd and lacks the nuance of later stuff like “America”. Have you seen the Karl Urban Dredd film? That’d be a good test to see if the character/world is of interest.

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        1. I only vaguely remember Stallone’s version of Judge Dredd hahahah I think there was too many mixed reviews for Karl Urban’s version and it sort of had me keeping a distance from it. I’m definitely intrigued by that character/world though. I just know that the comic books are complicated… and the series is super long as well.


          1. Well then Stallone version isn’t totally faithful and more online with something like Demolition Man…which I’m fond of but not that great for Judge Dredd. Are sure about the mixed reviews for the Urban film? I know it flopped at the box office but there was quite an impressive campaign by fans format sequel. I think you might like it, it’s like a comic book version of The Raid!

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  5. I just finished reading Animal Man for the first time, and it was quite a trip, esp The Coyote Gospel. I really liked how you described the art in this graphic novel plus gave succinct descriptions on the themes found throughout the stories.

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