Umbrella Academy : Funny and Entertaining

How do you know when you read a great work? A lot of factors can contribute to it but I think the essential is to feel the enthusiasm behind the creative process. And that’s what exactly what I felt for Umbrella Academy. I imagined a bunch of authors and illustrators who had an amazing time in writing, drawing, illustrating and producing this content.

“Our souls are tainted[…]painted black by the very deeds that make us so wonderfully individual[…]”


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Steampunk and pulp meet X-Men in this new comics about 7 children who got super powers and who are adopted by one main scientist. I find it’s not your typical superheroes plot, it’s darker than usual yet so innocent.  We see a lot of vulnerabilities from each and every one of them, the struggles to belong and the need to change the world but also remain normal.


This graphic novel is the definition of an oxymora itself. It’s about the love to hate, a dark hope and a corrupted innocence. These opposite components make their way through the characters’ lives and actions. It’s funny, witty, oh and vulgar haha (you are warned).  I laughed a few times but I also found myself .. duped by the writing a several times. Like oh shit, I felt in their traps haha.


This story has everything I look for in a good graphic novel : clear message, good plot and storyline, enough character development to understand the conflicts of the story and the right amount of actions scene. The pace is real fast. Some people even complained about how fast it is, but it’s something I didn’t mind because I always liked a fast paced story.

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I want to make a special mention to the letterer, a person responsible for drawing the comic book text, because in this graphic novel, he used the fonts and the calligraphy brilliantly. It’s the small details that make me appreciate this work even more. Pay attention to the tone of the  story and to the scene of the  exact and compare the different fonts used in the story. They all mean something. A brilliant team of creators for this one for sure.

The art is of course, stylish and would look pretty ordinary at first, I found myself compelled to the childish lines in contrast of the gory elements around it. Beautifully played and composed.

RATING: ★★★★★

(c) Trang Photography
Umbrella Academy is coming out on Netflix next week! 


8 thoughts on “Umbrella Academy : Funny and Entertaining

  1. Can you tell me a little more about what makes the letterer so neat here (what happens with the fonts or calligraphy?)? I’m genuinely curious, but I also know next to nothing about comics. I didn’t know “letterer” was a job until now. Thanks for informing me!


  2. This is probably going to seem really stupid but I didn’t know Umbrella Academy was a graphic novel too. 🙂 I’ve seen the trailer for the Netflix version and it looks good so I’m definitely going to check it out once it’s released. Maybe if I enjoy it I’ll add the graphic novel to my TBR list too!
    Great post Trang. 🙂 ❤️


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