New Challengers by Scott Snyder

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18 thoughts on “New Challengers by Scott Snyder

  1. Re: your first paragraph. That always seems to me one of the parts of continuous stories I find most challenging. What happens to these story threads, especially when there are several different authors who are part of a run. I’m sure some end up working and working well, yet others may drop off like you mention.

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    1. It’s pretty complex and not easy to synchronize everyone’s work in the same direction, especially when different writers might have different ideas. One can’t simply kill off characters too. Events however make it so that multiple series follow a same thread, but otherwise, it’s complicated. It’s also why every couple of years, there’s a whole “reboot” of the universe so that new writers can give a fresh new take on heroes and all. But some series just won’t live long enough if there isn’t a clientele that looks to buy the comic issues.

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  2. I have really enjoyed reading about these “new age of heroes” line even knowing that the line ultimately failed. It is extremely similar, imo, to what happened to Marvel back in the 90’s with their “throw everything at the wall and make a comic of it and hope some succeed” thing. Of course, most titles back then lasted at least 2-3 years, not just one 😉

    Are there any more in the NAOH line or was this the final one?

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    1. I appreciate how you’ve followed me throughout this whole… rocky adventure. I couldn’t even call this a cash-grab since they barely caught anyone’s attention and weren’t selling well as single issues. Hence why they got axed. At least now each of these series introduced something new that any other series could take and incorporate…

      There’s one more series in this NAOH line-up. A couple of the first series that didn’t get axed also have a volume 2. Don’t know yet if I want to see what those sequels have to tell though. 😀

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  3. This was an interesting bit of info for me, about the artists and styles. Is that a rule? Like, if the artist changes, are they obliged to draw the same way the previous one did?
    I mean, all those graphic novels from years ago looked different, so i guess they can deviate and this was just a choice?

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    1. It is a pretty cool question. I’ve always wondered myself if they ever force a style upon all the artists on the same project (story). I think it really depends on the artists ability and comfort to do so. In this case, I think their styles were just very compatible and the effort the make it consistent was easier. I just wish it was more often like this cause some stories have horrible transition from one artist to another. However, I don’t think anyone can force another artist to continue in the same style as another artist. It’s why sometimes, from one story arc to another, with different creative teams of each story arc, the artwork can greatly change. 😮


  4. Great write-up Lashaan (love that line about reanimating a corpse with electrifying creativity, genius!) and I truly admire that you’ve stayed the course with these New Age of Heroes titles and given them all a chance – despite them mostly not being up to scratch. I love Andy Kubert and it’s good to hear that there’s stronger consistency in the visuals in New Challengers (seem like a bit of an X-Men/Fantastic Four remix) which has been the most difficult part of these various series.

    The only Metal spin-off I’m interested in really (despite my overall feelings of “eh” for Metal) is the Batman Who Laughs mini series, which I read a preview for – it has a creepy horror vibe to it (felt a bit reminiscent of the Dark Judges from Judge Dredd) and Jock’s art has pretty much sealed the deal so I’ll be picking up the collected edition of that.

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    1. Thanks, my friend! I’m sort of surprised that I even gave these a chance, to be honest. But man, can you imagine how pumped I was for this creative team? It really is a Fantastic Four/X-Men mash-up. In fact, I found that it made me think of a Suicide Squad and Legends of Tomorrow mash-up too.

      I totally agree with you on Batman Who Laughs. I do look forward to reading that one in particular. I also like the Justice League run by Scott Snyder that came out of the whole Metal event though. Otherwise, this whole NAOH line-up was extra under-whelming.


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