20 thoughts on “Batman: Cold Days by Tom King

  1. Yeah… no 😉 Despite my thorough dislike for Tom King’s storytelling skills and ideas after The War of Jokes and Riddles, I did check out some other story arcs from his run. Bride or Burglar? Simply meh. I am Bane? A really sad rehash of stories and mythos from other creators, coupled with unabashed blowing of his own trumpet in those gratuitous moments of referring to – yes, you got it – War of Jokes and Riddles. So forgive me, Lashaan, but Tom King’s name doesn’t bring any fond memories or expectations 😉

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    1. I too did not appreciate I am Bane and how similar it was to Knightfall (but… simply flipped the narrative upside down). I personally find that his style greatly grew in quality from the day he gave us The War of Jokes and Riddles. But if that didn’t work for you, I’d probably never recommend anything from him to you hahah Hopefully you won’t give up on Batman though! 😀 😀

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  2. Always love reading your thoughts on Tom King’s Batman run my friend (hoping for a five star review one day though haha), this was a strong run of issues and the perfect follow up to the fallout of the Wedding. Cold Days was dark and brutal and beautifully drawn by Lee Weeks and Tony S. Daniel was at his best for Beasts of Burden which had some shocking surprises. The weak link for me was Better Man, I liked the story but Matt Wagner’s art didn’t really do it for me (especially when placed between Weeks and Daniel) – definitely the fly in the soup as you so aptly put it!

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    1. Hahahha I was sooooo close to giving this one a five star to be honest. Two things really kept me from doing so: a) multiple story arcs in one volume; b) That “Better Man” story and it’s rather wack artwork. I really prefer my “five-star” reads/classics to be one well-developed/explored story rather than multiple stories. Ahhhh I was struggling so much to figure out what the right expression was… Fly in the soup! In French we say “hair in my soup” and I couldn’t find the right translation hahaha I do look forward to the next volume, but I’m not sure if it’ll be able to maintain the quality of this one. It was truly impressive! 😮


  3. Honestly Lashaan I love the drawings here! And batman is my favorite hero from all the DC Comics hero because he is dark, tormented, mysterious …and could easily become a villain or a anti hero!

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