Absolute Batman: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder

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27 thoughts on “Absolute Batman: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder

  1. Oooh this sounds intriguing. The Court of Owls sounds super creepy and I love when a superhero gets taken by surprise by an evil they had kind of discounted as nothing – it goes to show it never pays to get cocky!

    That picture of owley Batman is amazing ❤

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  2. What a wonderfully eloquent and passionate review my friend! I know of your love for this particular Batman run and it certainly shines through in your review, which is clearly very personal but I love the way you qualify the points you make (oh and that Absolute edition is beautiful, I keep hoping that Superman Unchained – which you really have to check out by the way – will eventually get the Absolute treatment).

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of Snyder’s run but I didn’t not enjoy it for the most part (it got a little indulgent towards the end for me) and I do love what he brought to the mythology of Batman with the Court of Owls arc. You’ve certainly given me a newer appreciation for it, my only sort of issue really is Greg Capullo – sure there’s some great stuff going on visually and lots of detail but I always felt a bit put off with some of his character design, with that sort of zany euro-comic look particularly in the facials. I know that sounds odd but there was always something about that that took me out of the story.

    I definitely hope to re-read Snyder’s run at some point, possibly this year but I’m also keen to go back through Tom King’s run (thus far) as well. In fact I have a ton of Batman collections I want to go through, the year of the Bat!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words, good sir! I really like how Snyder and Capullo expand on the Batman mythos in this story arc, and their run in general. It is a little… ballsy… especially the whole “brother” sub-plot/plot twist, but it was a nice way to “reboot” the universe and introduce new villains by making it feel like they always existed. I totally love the Absolute Edition, even the extras at the end that gives us the first issues’ draft/sketches and everything. Everything is so stunning! I’m definitely looking into prioritizing Superman Unchained and have it read in 2019, sooner rather than later. Your review/praise for it has made me too curious to ignore it hahah

      I do admit that facially there was something that kept on poking at me, to the point where I sometimes felt like a lot of characters had similar facial designs, like Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne and the mayor had similar facial structures, a bit blocky and macho or something. But I think I just got used to it throughout the run and came to associate it as their actual original designs hahah

      I got to admit that I want to re-read Snyder’s run in particular. I might actually, now that I read the first two story arcs already hahah I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on everything.

      P.S. We now officially got confirmation of JJ and Punisher getting cancelled. One more season of JJ before the end of Netflix’s Marvel universe! Have you finished S2 of the Punisher? Wish someone else would pick it up. John Bernthal was the best Punisher we got… ever…


      1. I did just recently finish S2 of Punisher and really liked it. It’d be great if these characters in their Netflix form could carry on elsewhere but I won’t bank on it unless something is actually unequivocally confirmed! Started Titans, pretty good – the Watchmen style violence feels a bit out of place though especially when it comes to Dick Grayson/Robin but at least there’s some sort of narrative reason for it.

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        1. It is indeed sad that they successfully cancelled all of the Netflix Marvel heroes. We get to have one final season of JJ though… Hopefully its success will bring everyone to reconsider or something…

          The violence is insane, right? It’s also what keeps me hooked as I’m curious to see how far they’ll dare push it. One of the final épisodes, you’ll know when you get there, gets pretty crazy! It still has plenty of flaws in its plot though… Hopefully season 2 will be a step in the right direction.

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          1. I’m really getting into it now, the Doom Patrol episode was fantastic! It’s not totally perfect but I more enthused by Titans than any of the CW offerings (aside from Black Lightning) which I’ve pretty much lost interest in unfortunately…Elseworlds was a bit of a cheesy cringe-fest, although the introduction of Batwoman was pretty ace!

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  3. An overall incredible story arc that affected Scott Snyder’s entire New 52 Batman run to varying degrees. Not to mention it introduced a fascinating new villain to an already legendary list of villains for the Dark Knight. To be able to create a villain for Batman in the current age that is just as memorable as the likes of The Joker, Two Face, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy is very impressive.

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