How Do You Choose Your Next Read

I can’t choose for shit. I just pick a book randomly and hope it’s going to be okay. LOL

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I’ll try to explain to you what’s going on in my mind but I warn ya. It can be pretty messy.

But for real, this post is more about How DO YOU choose your next read? I tried a few methods, and I’m happy to share this with you if you can share yours 😉


I always try to rotate between different genres. It’s always as follows : a classic, a copy review from the publishers, fantasy or young adult, science-fiction and an unusual book out of my comfort zone.

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Sometimes if I read a very good review, brilliantly written by a fellow blogger, that book can climb up real fast on my To Be Read list. Honestly, I discovered so many amazing books thanks to you all ❤

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I used to create a JAR where I would put some of the titles I would read next and put it in a jar. Whenever I finish a book, I would simply return to it and pick a new title. This method works for a few days but then, the problem was I didn’t like the hazard deciding what to read next so I gave up LOL

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I’M SUPER GUILTY OF THIS CRIME BUT “Never judge a book by its cover” is the only expression that can be applied to any situation possible EXCEPT for books.

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Thumbs up for Clockwork Orange ❤


Do you just happen to stare at the books on your bookshelves and thinking oh my gosh, what should I read next and stare at tit for a long 7 minutes? Yes that’s whatI do sometimes. I would pull out the books I’m excited to read, stack it on my desk and then grab analyze them for a 10 minutes then decide on the spot.

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Now it’s your turn! How do you pick up your next read? 😀

28 thoughts on “How Do You Choose Your Next Read

  1. I like sticking to favorite authors, too. Recently I attended a writing conference where a bunch of authors gave us their recommendations, too, so I’ve got a list to keep me busy for the next two months at least lol no but for real 🙂


  2. Ahhh I love this post! I mostly try to switch between genres, too, that helps me a lot and keep the slump away for some reason, too… but sometimes, like right now, I’ve been reading three contemporaries in a row, soooooo… I’m not really doing this at all times. I guess I just try to pick up whatever I feel like reading at the moment, because I don’t want to make a strict TBR and feel like I have to read this or that book next 🙂 Wonderful post! 🙂


  3. I have a 25 cycle to go through. I’ve worked things up so I always have 25 different series or authors on my kindle and just cycle through them. Once I finish a series, I add a new one from my tightly controlled tbr.
    Books I put in my tbr are ones that are completed (no more unfinished series for me, thank you very much) and that I’ve heard good things about and sound interesting to me.


  4. Ugh, the struggle is real for me as well!
    Sometimes i can’t decide between a few books and then i get my BF to pick me one out of those.
    Sometimes i know i want to read a good police procedural so just have to look on my kindle for one, cuz there’s plenty unread books there 😀
    I don’t actually have a TBR, so a jar wouldn’t work cuz i’d most likely end up picking something i don’t feel like reading at that moment.


  5. I love this post, it’s a question I ask myself a lot!!
    I actually recently started prioritising based on ARC publication and number of pages for ebooks.
    But I am so happy to hear there are othee people out there who pick books based on cover 😁 I don’t feel shallow anymore 😉


  6. I’m a mood reader so it’s just at random but I do try to vary between genres. Problem is I always keep going for fantasy.


  7. Ahaha this is sooo me 😁 I usually try to tackle my review copies first, but if I’m not, I usually stare at my bookshelves for a while and just grab randomly at whatever interest me the most 😁 It works most of the time as I’m a huge mood reader!


  8. I listen to my mood. If I’m happy, I’ll read a contemporary, if I’m curious or feeling like chess, I’ll read mystery, etc. I also rotate generes to keep from getting bored.


  9. I feel like you’re very organised when it comes to deciding what book to read next Trang. With me it’s just ‘what do I feel like reading next?’ (the trials of being a mood reader). 🙂 I do love the idea of a TBR jar though, it seems like it would be a good way to discover books I may never get around to otherwise! 🙂
    Great post. ❤️


  10. I definitely pick based on my mood! I usually rotate between a variety of genres to keep things interesting and not feel like I’m always reading the same book. But sometimes a great review will make me want to pick up something immediately that wasn’t already on my TBR too!


  11. Hmmm…. I do a monthly TBR of books I have to do reviews for and then I add in one or two I know I really want to read. And then I let fate… or whatever cover catches my eye on the kindle decide 😉


  12. Hi! I came across your blog post just now on The Secret Library Book Blog weekly links post…..and want to let you know that I JUST wrote a post on this topic tonight! It’s different from yours…..mine doesn’t have all the cute graphics 😢 ….. I don’t want you to think I stole your idea 😱 great minds think alike huh?! When I publish my post tomorrow I’m going to link to your post 👍


  13. Hi! I came across your blog post on The Secret Library Book Blog weekly links post…..and want to let you know that I JUST wrote a post on this topic this weekend! It’s different from yours…..mine doesn’t have all the cute graphics 😢 ….. I don’t want you to think I stole your idea 😱 great minds think alike huh?! When I publish my post today I’m going to link to your post 👍


  14. This reminds me of a funny situation.I have not been in a library for well over a decade. Used to bookstores, I walked into a public library, expecting shelves with different genres. I only found alphabetical order.
    “Excuse me, is there a way to browse the books by genre?”
    “Gen- what?”
    Really? In a library?
    “Well, if I want to read a thriller, how would I look for it?”
    “What’s the author?”
    That happened exactly because I like to browse and decide on the spot.


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