13 thoughts on “Doom Patrol (Book One) by Grant Morrison

    1. It is indeed one of the biggest surprises of that streaming services upcoming line-up. They’ll also be giving us The Swamp Thing next, among other DC/Vertigo content. I’ll never say no to whatever they want to give us, but man they could have started off with things that would ATTRACT more people than things that no one might have heard of. It’s a US only service for now too… So that doesn’t help too much either. Who knows how long that service will last.

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  1. It goes without saying my learned friend that, as always, your analysis is insightful and highly enjoyable! I have limited knowledge of the Doom Patrol but I’ve just watched the Titans (really getting into that) episode and I absolutely loved it – like ‘Legion’ it gives us something a little bit different from the well-worn genre of superhero tv, I’m total psyched for the spin-off and can only pray that Netflix pick it up for viewers outside the U.S. and Canada who can’t get DC Universe (sad face).

    As for this collection, I would think that attaching Grant Morrison to a series like this would be a match made in heaven but I’m somewhat put off as it seems this is Morrison at his most incoherent – I don’t shy away from a challenging read but it’s when Morrison plummets in that sort of direction I lose interest. I wonder if DC will launch a new Doom Patrol title (there isn’t already one is there?) given the strong reception of the DCU series?

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    1. I didn’t know about the Doom Patrol until I started to get interested in Grant Morrison’s work back in the day, but I never investigated the Doom Patrol any further. It was once I heard that it was going to become a TV series on the DC streaming service that I was intrigued.

      Oh man, I think it’s truly incoherent and part of the style here. I wouldn’t exactly recommend this to everyone unless surrealism at its best is what is sought hahah And yes, I think there’s a Gerard Way run of this series but I’m not sure if it’s ongoing. I do hope the TV series will be great from start to finish!


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