Black Hammer: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

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21 thoughts on “Black Hammer: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

  1. As you say Lashaan there is more than meet the eyes in comics and it does not have to be a 500 pages novel to convey depth! Now plasticine figures? I don’t see it in the pages you display LOL

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  2. Great. Another comic where the superheroes are “people too”. That whole idea ran out of steam for me way back with Watchmen. But considering that authors (by the by, how do you classify comic book artists? the writer, the penciller, etc, etc. Who is the “author”? Because listing 3 different people is awkward) keep on doing this, I guess somebody is buying into the idea…

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    1. Hahahah your love for anything like Watchmen is quite strong! 😀 And I think people will appreciate having these kinds of stories alongside their usual superhero adventures just to have the whole “people” too stories. Although I have been reading some superhero stuff where the arc is about them dealing with “I’m human” too (e.g. Superman).

      And yes… the “author” is always the writer(s). It’s why with the whole New Age of Heroes thing they wanted to change things up and credit artists as the “authors”. So writers were just “part” of the team.

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  3. This looks pretty cool!
    Goes to show i know nothing about superheroes cuz i was here wondering I’ve never heard of black hammer, and then i wasn’t sure if that’s something or someone 😅

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  4. Great review, Lashaan! 😊 Just from seeing the book cover I would’ve never thought it was about superheroes! 😮 Also, I like the fact that you can link some characters from the book to other ones, it must be pretty satisfying! Do you think that someone has to know the heroes from DC or Marvel to truly understand this book? 😮

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    1. Thanks, Caroline! 😀 It does have a horror-like vibe to it, based on the cover, but yes, it’s a huge homage to superheroes. You don’t need to know your DC/Marvel superheroes to enjoy it though. It’s a bonus to readers to recognize the references however. 😀

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