Bookish Life in GIF

When you recommend a book

Friend : What have you done to me?! Now I’m. Obsessed And Frustrated with this book!

Me :

When you got too many books

Friend : Are you gonna actually read anything in your TBR pile or just add to it?


At the bookstore

*Me trying to escape the bookstore without buying a book*

The moment when..

The book hits you right in the feels

Me reading at night

What I think I’ve been reading for 30 mins but then I check the clock and it says 3AM

E-books be like

When the Kindle version is more expensive than the paperback

P.: Sorry for the long hiatus! I’e been dealing with so many stuff that I lost some motivation to blog at all. Ifugre I would come back with a lighter post hehe 🙂 Stay tuned!


14 thoughts on “Bookish Life in GIF

  1. Man, I hear you about the kindle vs paper price. I was checking out a book 3 of a trilogy and the kindle price was $18. It was set by the publisher and I felt bad for the author, as it meant he was totally screwed.


  2. I’ve definitely had that 3am thing, both with reading comics and books, and with playing video games. It’s always the worst when you need to be up early the next morning.


  3. I hope you’re okay, Trang, sending you tons of love and hugs ❤ ❤
    Ahah I love this post so much and your GIF choice is PERFECT. I adore the one with Chandler haha SO relatable. 😀


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