Superman: The Unity Saga – Phantom Earth by Brian Michael Bendis

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23 thoughts on “Superman: The Unity Saga – Phantom Earth by Brian Michael Bendis

  1. I’ve never really managed to lock in with Superman. I don’t know what it is about his character – but nothing I’ve ever watched/read has made me bond. I do however really like the sound of Earth accidentally ending up in an interdimensional prison! That sounds fascinating. Also I kind of feel like it may have happened in real life. Come save us, Superman!

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    1. Hahaaha I totally understand. I feel like a lot of people have a tough time with Superman even though he’s an icon to anything superhero-related. But I assure you that some of his stories are truly wonderful. You just got to choose wisely. As for Earth being in an interdimensional prison right now… I feel ya hahahah With time we’ll find out if Superman will drop by to save us! 😀

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  2. Great to hear your thoughts on this my friend, although I was slightly more taken with it – yet your opinion of this first Bendis Superman arc seems positive overall (the second Unity Saga arc which is underway now builds the story further). I think my only slight negative is that I wanted a bit more exploration and a bit more complexity in respect of Rogol Zaar – but who knows, we may get that further down the line.

    Some readers are saying they prefer Bendis’ work on Action Comics (it’s good stuff but my overall preference is the reverse) so you may find that stronger as it’s a bit more character focused without too many ‘beat downs’ (ironic, given the book’s title)!

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    1. I was curious to see if I’d love it as much as you but man, I think it still needs time to develop. I’m still not sure about Rogol Zaar. His introduction isn’t as impressive as The Court of Owls’ introduction for me. If by the next volume, Brian Michael Bendis doesn’t work his prime-days magic, this run might not become as huge as it could be. I also saw that he’s got so many other projects with DC as well. I’m not sure how he can multitask so much! I do look forward to seeing how Action Comics turns out though. You never shared your thougths on your blog for that one right? I only seem to remember some issues of Man of Steel and Superman.

      Will be dropping by your posts really soon! Saw Captain Marvel the other day and I’m definitely curious to see what your reactions are now more than ever! 😀


      1. I haven’t covered any of Action Comics yet but hope to at some point. I do wish we could get a Superman villain (aside from Lex Luthor and Zod) with s similar level of complexity as Talon/the Court of Owls. The closest really was Wraith in Superman Unchained. I still think Bendis’ tenure on Superman had potential, like a lot of his runs it’ll probably take a little time for it all to build up but I’m optimistic!

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  3. I’m glad that, despite not being the best comic you’ve read thus far, Superman as a character was interesting enough to keep reading. I know very little about the DC universe and my first ever introduction to the Man of Steel was really through Smallville! I know, I know, but to be honest I retain virtually no memories from the show at all so cannot really say I know any more about Superman than I did before xD I watched a few of his most recent movies but that was about as far as I went.

    I do like the art in this one quite a lot and it’s nice that the changes they made were for the better! Here’s to hoping the next volume is a bit more enjoyable for you 🙂

    Brilliant review as always, Lashaan!

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    1. Thank you so much, Sophie! I totally understand that Supz can be quite hard to fall in love with, especially when socially we have a pretty goofy/cheesy idea of what he is all about. And it’s pretty cool that you watched Smallville! Fans of Superman tend to love that show! But I do assure you that there are some great Superman stories that can break anyone into tears. While others will have you cringe, but that can be said about just about all characters hahaha But yes! The artwork is fantastic here. It’s just the story direction that could’ve used a little boost! 😜


      1. I remember it being cool, but I was so young back then I’m not really sure I would find it cool now xD
        Plus, it always reminds me that the actresses who portrayed Chloe and Lana were apparently in a cult and were arrested? Some messed up stuff like that LOL (and I can’t unknow it now…)
        Anyway, I’ll definitely check out some Superman stories then 🙂 Do you recommend any in particular?

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  4. I agree that Superman himself was written well in this story, but I disliked the story enough that I dropped it pretty much right after this story ended. It’s not just a retcon of Krypton’s destruction, but it betrays the whole point of Krypton’s destruction. That and before this, the Superman series was almost more of a family drama than it was a superhero comic. That made it feel unique and special.

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