32 thoughts on “Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear

  1. Thanks, interesting review!

    Have you read any of her other books? If so, how does it compare?

    The regulation of emotions seems to be lifted right out of Banks. Are there other similarities?

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    1. Thank you! I have been meaning to give her other novels a shot, especially her fantasy books. It was also pretty cool to discover that she’s married to Scott Lynch, author of a series I adore too. I can’t tell if the idea of technology that allows you to regulate emotional states is something that was already used in other novels but based on Bookstooge’s recommendation, I guess it’s fair to say it’s not new. Any other elements within the story that might be similar to other novels is unknown to me.


  2. If the whole emotion control thing interested in, you might want to check out Linda Nagata’s trilogy, The Red. It is nearfuture military sf and is very well done.

    I also like the sound of following a smaller cast of characters. I just started Malice by Gwynne and before I was at the 10% mark I already had a list of over 30 named characters. Not even Jordan & Sanderson did/do that!

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely look into it in that case. I do love sci-fi stories that have such angles to slightly complexify things.

      Hahahah I do remember reading Malice and how enormous the cast was. I generally do have a tough time with series with that many characters too since I don’t take notes on the character names and I don’t always read for long periods of time… at a time… Happy reading, nonetheless!

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  3. Oh, i dunno if it’s hungarian day today, or what, but it’s the third time since this morning that i come across something “hun” related. A name in this case 😀
    This sounds like my sort of book, i daresay. I love space operas, especially ones filled with sarcastic, wieseass characters 😀

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  4. Damn Lashaan this seems really complex! You frightened me with your “huge ideas and philosophy” overwhelming extravagance etc! But I am so happy that you enjoyed this one!

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  5. I’ve heard her once on a podcast, never read anything, but this sounds very interesting, I’ll write it down for when I need some smart s/f 🙂 Thanks!

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            1. Yep, it’s the thing that allows you to link your name to your website. For example, whenever you leave a comment, we cab click your name and get to your website easily. Right now, it was set to your old domain so I actually thought you shut down your blog or something 😬😂

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