Hellblazer: Original Sins by Jamie Delano

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26 thoughts on “Hellblazer: Original Sins by Jamie Delano

  1. For some reason I always get Hellraiser and Hellblazer mixed up in my mind so it took me a second to wrap my head around that you weren’t going to be talking about Pinhead.

    I did watch the movie and have to say I barely remember it. I think the one thought I had was something along the lines of “Well, that is one movie franchise that just died”. I think I felt bad for any fans who had gone into it expecting a great Fandom movie.

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    1. Hahahah no Pinhead here, that’s for sure. I think the “Hellblazer” name is less and less known or attributed to Constantine nowadays too. But those who love the character or want to know more of him must know that this is where it all began.

      Ahh.. it definitely killed the franchise. Constantine, however, totally deserves a solid movie for himself. His character IS story-telling material. Hopefully, they won’t leave the character in that CW Network show and not have him on the big screen someday. He’d be perfect to start a Justice League Dark live-action movie… someday… One can dream.

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        1. He used to have his own show but they cancelled it after 1 season. Later, after the uproar from fans, they got the actor to reprise his role as John Constantine within some of the CW DC TV series. He’s right now an active and recurring character in Legends of Tomorrow 😂

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  2. What an amazing review, Lashaan. Even if I wasn’t interested in a title, you make it so enticing to read it. You found a great way of pointing out the flaws here. As this is a release from 1988, there has been amble time to make changes in newer comics of today. A very timely read with the new movie in theaters currently.

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    1. Thank you, Scarlett! It is indeed a peculiar but fascinating story to pick up. This is the original series that is highly praised by fans of the character but there are other series where the character is central though and they are definitely appealing in their own, modern, ways hahah


  3. It’s a shame about the confusing speech placement – that must have really distracted from the story.

    I really like the idea of him being addicted to dark magic though. It gives me those dark Willow Buffy season 6 vibes. He sounds like a character I could spend time with – I like them a little bit evil 😅

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    1. It’s a bit messy but if you’re okay with a slower read where you take the time to analyze the overall structure before really reading the bubbles, then it won’t be too much of an issue here!

      Oh, I can assure you that everyone loves John Constantine. He has a very cocky, manipulative, charming and self-centered personality. A recipe for disaster. 😀

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  4. Never got round to reading Constantine comics after seeing the movie; it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good – only Tilda Swinton as Gabriel saved that thing from being disastrous (the CGI was really horrid) and Reeves held his own as Constantine – but the story was just meh and hobbled the whole thing.

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  5. Dang Lashaan I feel you there because if the discussion bubbles are not correctly placed and all I would have had a hard time reading it! A good structure in comics is essential else it gets too crowded and you don’t follow anymore. I also don’t like bubbles with lots of dialogs in it. It feels “crammed” and more like a book than a comics.


  6. Awesome thoughts sir. I’ve always been curious about Constantine, not a favourite by any stretch (odd, given I’m from Liverpool haha) but like yourself I like horror when it’s done well. His appearances in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing are interesting enough to have me want to check out the original run.

    I like what you have to say about the art and the panel structure – it’s such an important element of any comic book, so many times have I been misdirected around a page due to messy/jumbled placing of word balloons and the flow of the images.

    I did see the Keanu Reeves movie and at the time I only had a vague inkling that it was based on a comic book character, interesting to learn from your review that it’s actually based somewhat on this story!

    I’ve never watched the TV series but have seen the JL Dark animated movie which was quite cool.

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    1. What! I’d have thought he’d be a character you’d have loved for his origins and personality! 😛 But yes, it’s pretty cool that the Swamp Thing and Constantine are pretty close.

      I have to admit that it was a bit more complicated than what Grant Morrison accomplishes in Arkham Asylum. I got lost a bit too often and it really is sometimes annoying.

      Yep, the movie is based on some story arcs from the original comic book run but it is far from being loyal to the source material. The character definitely deserves a better adaptation. I’d be all in to see an adaptation set within the Worlds of DC. It would make for a cool way to introduce a Justice League Dark movie.

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  7. Ooo, i don’t think i’ve seen that movie yet!
    Nor have i heard of the graphic novel to be fair 😀

    It’s true though that there are a lot of horror things out there that are not really scary, but mostly just ridiculous. I also prefer the ones that add a bit of psychology as well and not just blood and guts flying around.

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    1. Hahah there’s always time to check out the comic book or the movie, although the latter isn’t entirely necessary or representative of the comic book 😛

      Yep. I do love the horror stories that focus on the concepts of fear as well. For example, IT was an EXCELLENT horror movie. Did you see the trailer for chapter 2???? I can’t wait! 😀

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  8. Great review! 🙂 I’ve never actually read a comic centered around Constantine before, but it’s definitely on my to-read list. I’ve only ever read comics that just so happen to have him in them, but I tend to enjoy his character when he pops up.

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    1. Thank you so much! I too see him more often as a secondary character, especially in stories like Justice League Dark. It was nice to finally see what he was really about in his own classic series. Might indeed be something worth trying out at some point. 😉

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