Aliens: Dust to Dust by Gabriel Hardman

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17 thoughts on “Aliens: Dust to Dust by Gabriel Hardman

  1. Glad you reviewed this one my friend, awesome thoughts as always. You know of my love for the Alien franchise (as well as Predator) and my enjoyment of the comics – I’d heard mixed things about Dust to Dust as the individual issues came out but I’m a fan of Hardman’s work so I will have to check it out, bearing in mind what you say about it rehashing ideas we’ve already seen in the movies.

    Oh and you’ll probably recall my feelings on Alien: Covenant from my review a couple of years ago, it’s softened a little bit since but it remains a far cry from the classic original and Aliens – Alien 3 even which I have a fair appreciation for.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. I did like his Green Lantern Earth One work and find that he has a nice art style to work with. Dust to Dust is a nice story, but if you look to hard, you’ll see flaws. Otherwise, you’ll breeze through it rather quickly and enjoy at least some of it.

      I’m actually a bit surprised you don’t hate Alien 3 like a lot of people do! I need to rewatch it however since I can’t recall anything about it right now! I wonder if it’ll stand the test of time like Alien and Aliens did.

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      1. I’ve now got the digital version ready to read so hopefully I’ll enjoy it!

        I’ve always liked Alien 3 and really never got the dislike for it, especially when you consider it next to Alien: Resurrection (which definitely is BAD) and the Alien v Predator outings. It certainly doesn’t stack up against Alien and Aliens but I always thought it was an enjoyable and fitting send off (that ultimately wasn’t)…great music score as well!


  2. I think it is a testament to the very idea of “Aliens” that directors and writers keep on playing in the sandbox even while pooping in it. The last Alien film I watched was Prometheus and nothing about it made me want to watch Covenant. Have you seen Covenant?

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    1. Yep. It’s pretty nice how Alien and Aliens really blew the minds of fans and allows the franchise to strive to this day. I haven’t seen Covenant yet either since I was a bit skeptical about all the Alien movies after James Cameron’s… I’ll give it a try at some point though, maybe before I pick the second Alien omnibus when it comes out or something.

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  3. Well once more I love your detailed, spot on and honest review! But honestly the graphics and drawings in this one just “don’t do it” for me and that’s kind of the point in a comics! So I’ll pass 😉

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  4. Sounds a bit derivative, but looks quite impressive. Have you seen Covenant? Prometheus spoiled the whole franchise for me big time so I didn’t even consider watching it yet 😉

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    1. Welp, that sentence pretty much summed up my review hahah I haven’t seen Covenant yet because I was skeptical about it too. I doubt it’ll blow me away, but I’ll still give it a try in the near future when I’m in the mood for something light on my mind! 😁

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    1. Thanks, Caroline! 😜 Unless you’re in the mood to watch stressful horror movies à la And There Were None, you can content yourself with just knowing what those Aliens are like hahah It would however be nice to check off that checklist the first Alien movie though! 😉

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