26 thoughts on “Middlegame by Seanan McGuire

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        Two books of October Daye series and a few short stories. I remain a bit unconvinced, despite Maddalena’s assurances that the series gets better with each book (though I fully believe her!) 😉 However, I intend to check this one out, and the third October Daye as well.

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  1. Another impressive and fascinating review Lashaan, I’m forever impressed by the breadth of authors and titles you sample – something I’m always trying to do. I find myself reading a lot of classics of late (mainly due to their affordability on kindle but also out of curiosity), recently finished Murder on the Orient Express (prompted by your review sometime ago), I plan to check out Death on the Nile now that’s being developed as a film and currently reading Tarzan of the Apes after reading the 70s Joe Kubert Tarzan comics run which I really enjoyed.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! I do like to stay up to date with the great authors of today, but I do realize that I had to cut down on the classics to read them. I’m quite glad to hear you got around to reading Murder on the Orient Express. I assume it was a pleasant reading experience? I still need to get around to reading my next Agatha Christie myself (And Then There Were None)! And it’s pretty cool that you got your hands on the Tarzan story! I’d want to try it out one day myself, even the Jungle Book.

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      1. I did very much enjoy Orient Express (and checked out the recent film version as well which was fairly decent) and was actually surprised by the finale – I honestly didn’t see it coming!

        Tarzan is a good, straightforward read – it’s a bit dated in it’s racial depictions but a well written and engaging adventure story.

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