19 thoughts on “Akira (Vol. 3) by Katsuhiro Otomo

  1. Glad to see you’re still making your way through this awesome series. I watched the movie but have to admit I didn’t like it. The violence, etc just overwhelmed the art and that is what attracts me to the books so much. I figure Akira is probably the one piece of graphic art that I can view as a window into the world of visual arts.

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  2. I would love to read this manga series. Have been eyeing the box set of it for quite some time now but it’s just ridiculously expensive! Do you think it’s worth it?

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    1. I know exactly what you speak of and would love to get my hands on it but the price is insane. I think you should give the manga a try first, at least the first volume, before you commit on such a huge purchase. The box set also contains the manga in its original reading direction instead of the American direction (paperback)! Hope you’ll get the chance to try it out someday and that you’ll enjoy it if you do! 😁

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  3. Great stuff sir, more wonderful insight from you on this series and it’s good to hear that volume 3 is an improvement on volume 2 which I recall you were left less impressed by. It really does sound like there’s so much more going on in the manga, but it obviously has more room to breathe and expand over the course of 6 volumes as opposed to condensing things into a 2 hour movie.

    I definitely plan to rewatch and review the anime at some point this year, did you hear that development on the live action version is gaining traction? i have mixed feelings about that given how disappointing Ghost in the Shell was and with the fact that Taika Watiti is directing…he’ll certainly deliver on the visuals but I’m worried he’ll goof it up a bit too much a la Thor.

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    1. Thanks, my friend! I’m impressed that you remember my thoughts for the second volume hahah This one was a nice upgrade in terms of story and art. I am curious to find out how much room the manga actually gives the author compared to the movie. And hopefully the ending won’t leave a bad aftertaste too!

      I heard about Taika Watiti and his implication in the upcoming live-action movie and I’m far from being optimistic about it. 😬 I do hope the comedy won’t be too overwhelming, if he does focus on the little comedy the manga contains.

      By the way, I’m off on a Euro tour which includes your corner, London (actually, since you’re in UK, I assumed you lived at the heart of it hahah)! Got any recommendations? Geeky secret locations or not? 😁

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    1. Thanks, Caroline! 😁 It sounds exciting because it is exciting! 🙈 I assure you that you’d be able to finish it pretty quick since there’s barely any dialogue but the intrigue is pretty high! P.S. I’ll gladly pass you my copies whenever you feel like reading them! 😁

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