Trang’s Mid- Year Wrap-Up

Hello everyone!

After all the crazy busy weeks, I finally have some time to give you guys a proper update on what I’ve been doing, the direction I will go on with this blog and so on.


These are all my 5 stars book so far that I’ve enjoyed this year, I plan on reviewing these books individually pretty soon!


Brandon Sanderson has been such a revelation for me this year ,along with Madeleine Miller 🙂 Neil Gaiman never disappoints with the Sandman and The Monster of Elendhaven will be released in September and can’t wait for you all to see how it’s like. I felt like I disliked more books in the last two months than liked books so that’s why it won’t be necessary to feature the least favourite ones haha. The list will be long.


Me and Lashaan don’t have time anymore to write posts together, unfortunately you won’t see Monthly Wrap Ups of us. The simple reason is I can’t do them on time and I didn’t want Lashaan to wait and postpone those posts, so we decided we are going to everything separately from now on on Bookidote. It may be redundant for you guys, but it was the best way to function.


The reason why you guys haven’t seen me much on the blog is I was pretty busy with my 1st year of medical school. I decided to go back to school after graduating. It was rough and very time consuming.  I found out a chilled-out and relaxed method that works best in exams because stress can really be the major obstacle in performance haha. I got to dissect my first cadaver which was terrifying but so fascinating at the same time!  Meanwhile, I’m working as a research coordinator but also a Physician Assistant at the hospital near my school.



2019 has been THE year of Food blogging for me and one of the main reasons why I haven’t been blogging much about books. You can find my food blogging adventure on my instagram. I started my food photography business back in April and since then it bloomed even more. I struggled with the new success arriving at a fast pace, with medschool and everything was too overwhelming. I decided to slow down in June and July, accepting less contracts.

(c)TrangxTran Photography


Yes you read it right! My sister got married in June and it was simply magical! The preparation was exhausting and being the Maid of honour, I still had to run around a lot haha but it was such an intense feeling and emotion seeing her there all happy. I started to cry when my Dad saw her in a wedding dress T_T.



After months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, my mom is cancer-free and she is now more beautiful than ever. My sister’s wedding was an opportunity for my mom to be with her family and surrounded from all her closed ones coming all the way from Vietnam and United States.

Image may contain: Khoa Thanh Ngô and Tuyet Ngo, people smiling, people standing and indoor


I’ll try to review books as much as I can but I also want to take this opportunity to tell you guys I might be shifting and write about whatever I feel like. It doesn’t have to be book reviews but anything that passes on my mind, I’ll share it on this blog because.. that’s truly what blogging is about.

And what about my own personal plans? 🙂 I’m preparing to move to Boston and continuing my medical studies there in Fall 2019! Wish me luck! 

To all the new followers, welcome welcome 😀 How was your book blogging journey so far I’d love to connect !



11 thoughts on “Trang’s Mid- Year Wrap-Up

  1. Ok, first off, that is fantastic news about your mom being cancer free. I hope she stays in remission!

    Second, Boston?!?!? That cesspit of humanity? Oh man, I hope your horn slamming hand is in shape, as is your middle finger. You’re going to need them, a lot!

    Best of luck in whatever direction go with blogging. Glad that the food one is really working for you.


  2. Woot! Woot! Shout out to it being a good year for you and your fam. Def do what you have to to make life less stressful and all the best with med school. I know that’s a beast, but it’s doable. 🙂


  3. I’m so happy to hear about your mom, and congratulations to your sister, yay! ❤ ❤
    You are doing so, so very much and I'm so happy about your success on your instagram and with your food photography business. You're doing amazing. I'll always be looking forward to everything you write and share! ❤
    Take care of yourself, sending you love! ❤


  4. Oh, that’s some fantastic news about your mom, yay!!
    She looks great in the pictures and you do as well and your sister & dad! Nice to see so much happiness 🙂

    You certainly seem to have your hands full, but hey, you only live once & gotta make most of it 🙂

    Stay happy, I’m looking forward to reading many more of your posts 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness, you’ve been busy! I’m so happy for you and your family with all the wonderful news about your mom and your sister! ❤
    And look at you kicking butt all over the place and accomplishing so much. That's awesome. I just went and followed your IG page. Your pics are amazing! Congrats abound to you and your family. 😀


  6. I’m so glad to hear the good news of your mom! Wow! You’ve had quite the busy and eventful year. I have missed talking to you girl and I still think of your kindness and patience you had with me last year. I was in quite a rut but am so grateful for people like you for all your generosity. Anyways, the blog looks fantastic and love this wrap up! I am going to have to add all these great books to my TBR! I hope you are doing well and have some time to breathe every once in awhile 😁❤🤗 Xoxo! Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us!💙❤💙


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