The Umbrella Academy: Dallas by Gerard Way

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14 thoughts on “The Umbrella Academy: Dallas by Gerard Way

  1. I’m very excited for season 2! I really enjoyed the first one. In the beginning the story was a bit of slow burn, but the more the season progressed the more interesting it became! Hopefully season 2 will be just as good. As for this one, it looks and sounds very cool too! Great review! 😃

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    1. I haven’t seen the series yet. I’ll read the 3rd volume coming out this September and then maybe binge the Netflix series at some point! 😂 I hear it’s not 100% loyal to the source material but does keep some of the ideas in the first season. To be confirmed! 😁

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  2. I read about the Umbrella Academy and heard it makes a bit more sense in the show than the comic though both have fans and detractors. Seems normally people are a fan of one or the other… at least that’s been my experience reading about it. I think I looked at this volume to read. I skipped it but I’m glad to be able to read your review. I LOVE the cover of the volume and I can see what you’re saying about the story and the art going together since its a rather ridiculous and zany world. I’ll look forward to what you have to saw about the show. 😉

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    1. The first volume definitely didn’t seem as promising as the TV series but this second volume is definitely worth the time of fans who are into the more “crazy/zany” worlds. I’ll give the series a shot after the long-awaited 3rd volume of this series comes out this September though. Maybe by then we’ll season 2 will be out, or maybe a trailer! 😀


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