Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder

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23 thoughts on “Superman Unchained by Scott Snyder

  1. Glad to hear that this hit all the right buttons for you Lashaan. Supes does not do much for me, but this is still a fantastic review and makes me want to like Uberguy.

    I dig your slideshows, and yeah, the art and layout are outstanding.

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    1. Ah yes, I’d rather be Batman if anything myself. And what’s great about this story is that there’s even some awesome bromance between Bats and Supes in there. 😀

      Thanks for the kind words, Icky! It’s always a pleasure to hear that it’s appreciated! 😀

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  2. Wow…high praise indeed! As I mentioned before I think I’m not a huge Supes fan, but I do have to admit that this one sounds very good. I especailly like the fact that it’s a self contained story, and the art definitely looks amazing. I know Jim Lee from way back when he was pencilling the X-men and he’s always been one of my favorite comic book artists. I might go and check this one out. Fantastic review Lashaan! 😃

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    1. Got to give it all the love it deserves after all! 😀 And yes, Jim Lee has never drawn anything bad since his X-Men days. He’s just that good! Good thing he also teams up with fantastic writers a lot of the times. 😀 I’m glad that he’s now DC’s co-publisher and Chief Creative Officer! We’re in good hands when it comes to comics with him. 😀 Thanks for reading, Michel!

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      1. Yeah, I was out of the comics info for a bit, but was quite surprised when I heard he made the move to DC. I have some of his Justice League graphic novels and they are pretty good! 😊 Cool to here that he is now Chief Creative Officer 😊

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  3. SO glad you finally got around to checking this out my good man and even more so that you enjoyed it (as I knew you would). Your review was such a rich read and I feel you dug a lot deeper than I did in mine, it makes me love this story even more – definitely top tier Superman for me, even though it’s the New 52. Man, I wish DC would give us an Absolute edition…it’d make a great animated film as well!

    Have you ever read Superman: For Tomorrow? I think you’d enjoy that one too, it’s written by Brian Azzarello with art by our fave – Jim Lee! It’s one of the stories Henry Cavill has cited as wanting to tackle onscreen…if we ever see him don the cape again 😦

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    1. A big thank you to you, sir, for giving me that extra push into picking it up sooner rather than later, especially after your review. It’s definitely good and Jim Lee makes it an irresistible gem. An Absolute Edition is a must! I don’t know why they didn’t do that yet.

      I have For Tomorrow on my list to be read. I’ve been hesitating a lot on picking up the Absolute Edition for it too. But man, if you put up a review for it before I read it, it’ll probably get me to read it much sooner than expected though! 😬😂

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  4. I read this mini series in its individual issues as it released. I remember it starting off very well, with a great exploration of Superman as a person, while also showing his abilities in a unique way. Scott Snider is known more for his Batman work, but he also writes Clark Kent very well. However after issue 4 or so, each issue got more delayed than the last. By the time issue 9 finally released, I had no memory of what happened in the rest of the series. Perhaps I would have enjoyed this more as a whole if I read it all at once, but I still haven’t done that. Maybe I should some day.

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    1. Indeed. He definitely understands both heroes quite well and it translates beautifully in his stories. I think you should definitely revisit the story in its graphic novel format. The delays in between issues make it insane for a reader.


      1. Yeah, I believe there was more than 5 months between the last two issues. Jim Lee is a great artist once you get the final product, but he tends to draw slowly. He should probably focus mainly on graphic novels.

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