Everything is Fck*ed by Mark Manson

“Leaders need their followers to be perpetually dissatisfied; it’s good for the leadership business. If everything were perfect and great, there’d be no reason to follow anybody.”

This book was never meant to please people. In fact, it will get a lot of hate because the author talks about a lot of uncomfortable subjects. It will give it to you straight for 200 pages. Imagine you have a bad day and you read about how shitty your life gets LOL  It is a controversial book, it is an uneasy book to read, even annoying at times. I treat this book as those quick coffee shops non-fiction books you know. If you just turn at any pages, you just learn about some philosophical moment that will explain our today’s society.


But Trang, was it a good book? See, the definition of good changes from one person to another and I would say that this book was good in the order that it has some eye-opening passages.  It wasn’t, however, the best book I’ve read. A lot of the author opinions and philosophies I would disagree with but I’m grateful to learn some historical and valuable facts.  In overall, it would be a 3/5 stars for me.

If you are not into self-help books but more into a different  category, this book might entertain you, but if you want something light to lift up your spirit, forget it LOL.

I also took the chance to read this book during my Punta Cana trip! 🙂

Did you read his other book? What do you think about this new genre  of non-fiction? 


6 thoughts on “Everything is Fck*ed by Mark Manson

  1. I don’t do self-help books. They either seem like full of BS, or stuff that is SO obvious (to me).
    The title of this book sounds interesting. I see people have mixed reviews on this. I will not seek it out, but if it falls into my lap, I might give it a quick read.
    Enjoy your vacation.


  2. I am not into self-help books because I can’t understand much ..
    But I have affinity towards great reads !!🌸
    Btw that blue pic is so great 🤩🤩


  3. Hahaha I loved the contrast between the calm swimming pool and the title of the book! 😂 It sounds nice but I’m never really excited about self-help book, let alone if they don’t even lift me up haha!


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