American Gods: My Ainsel by Neil Gaiman

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22 thoughts on “American Gods: My Ainsel by Neil Gaiman

  1. “As absurd as it may sound, the story feels both like a long road trip but also a long campfire story” Well, that just made me very interested indeed. Of course I have heard about both the books and the tv series for this, but I have never looked at either. I think before diving into the graphic novels, I would probably first read the book. I have never read anything by Gaiman, so might as well get started with it at some point! Great review Lashaan! 😊

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  2. Some intriguing thoughts my friend, eloquently presented as always and good to hear that the comic adaptations are living up to the novel. Interesting that the comic improves on the flaws of the source material and I can see how good use of the art, the visual storytelling, can tighten up the pace of a certain section of the novel.

    I definitely need to dive into some of Gaiman’s work, with the Sandman Netflix series on the way that might seem like a good place to start.

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    1. You’re too kind, my friend! Nothing beats your own eloquence though. And yes, I feel like the graphic novel adaptation works for the better, even if the book is great for its own reasons. I too can’t wait to see what the Sandman Netflix series will be like. That’s one project that needs to see the light. I was pretty sad when they cancelled the movie project with Joseph Gordon Levitt. 😔

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  3. I’m not surprised to see such a glowing review of Neil Gaiman’s work! I have only read about two works of him but am already a huge fan and can’t find a single fault in the man’s writing. I did start American Gods a while ago but have to say the violence and gore were a bit jarring for me. I didn’t stop because of it but it did make me a little less inclined to continue. I might try again some time but for now will probably focus on his books.
    Amazing review, Lashaan! 🙂

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    1. He has quite the imagination and his understanding of the unreal is outstanding! I love seeing what he comes up with and so far he’s always been interesting in one way or another. I do hope you’ll get the chance to try his American Gods novel again if not his comics, Sophie. Thank you so much for reading! 😀

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  4. I’ve actually read American Gods. I did so at a friend’s behest and remember thinking it was surreal and sooooo long. hahaha I’ve also read one or two of his Sandman graphic novel before I really got into them more. I’ve always thought that he deserved the praise he receives even if it isn’t quite my thing. It sounds like the graphic novel of American Gods deserves a second look at the story. I was really hoping to see the graphics but I don’t know if its my end or yours but they didn’t show up. >.<

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    1. Ahhh I see what you mean by the art!! I feel like Gaiman’s stories are really suited to this kind of realistic style. (You called it stiff… I get that for some reason it seems to mimic real life somewhat? Even though its clearly art…) 😉 I guess submitting the comment got it to come it. I’ll remember that for next time.

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      1. I’m assuming that you were finally able to see the art in my slideshow (maybe it just needed a refresh too or something hahah)! And yes, that’s true. It does aim for something realistic but even then, it has this style that feels like it was a photo rather than conveying something in motion.


    2. It was indeed super long! And the most “boring part” was the one that was essentially covered in this 2nd volume of his comic book adaptation. I do think it translates better as a comic book but the writing style in the novel is still worth checking out. That’s odd, not being able to see the pictures. It should work fine! 😮


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