Justice League: Hawkworld by Scott Snyder

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19 thoughts on “Justice League: Hawkworld by Scott Snyder

  1. The art looks pretty cool! Just as you say, from what I can see of the panels you included the art styles of the different artists do seem pretty similar. I have three volumes of the early Justice League stories (the ones with art by Jim Lee) and I though those were pretty interesting. As much as I would like to, I don’t think I will ever get to these though. Too much other stuff to read. Despite that fact: as always I enjoyed reading your review! 😊

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    1. The final issue within the volume is a completely different, much bubblier art style though. But in general, it was nice that they “tried” to have a similar style. Oh, that’s actually the best Justice League comic book run so far. I’ve read half of the series already and plan on reviewing those that I haven’t yet (to complete the whole series) before 2020! I probably already read and reviewed the volumes that you have though (assuming you have the first ones). His artwork is indeed phenomenal! 😛 Thank YOU for reading. It’s nice to see you so active nowadays, my man. Hope your health and circumstances will only get better from now on. 😉

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      1. Aww thanks Lashaan! It really is great to be back, and I hope healthwise it will stay like this. But I am optimistic, or at least I try to remain optimistic😊
        Well: that is one heck of a great goal to have! Cool. I will look forward to all those reviews 😊

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  2. I am one of those people who had more questions after a few Snyder comics. Maybe becuase I am not an avid comic follower. Your review is great man. I do not know if I will continue trying to read to many of the dc stuff. I am lost as it is already…

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    1. Yeh, his Justice League stuff has been a bit complex but he’s still an incredible writer. I absolutely LOVED his New 52 Batman run and he has a bunch of other series that are quite respectable and worth checking out. Thanks for reading this review though. Hopefully, I’ll review one of his work soon that will blow my mind and make you want to give him another shot. 😀

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  3. Convoluted is certainly the word, although I still enjoyed the arc overall (reading the single issues probably made it more of a challenge to be honest). Still a reasonably decent series that I’m enjoying more than not and I actually think the issues Tynion writes solo are stronger. The chop and change artist rotation bothers me more than anything and even then it comes off a little rushed (as can the writing), I’m very much looking forward to DC’s return to monthly publishing next year as this and other titles can only benefit from more time to allow the creativity to be at its best. Awesome review as always my friend, look forward to more reviews from you soon.

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    1. I do hope that the monthly publishing will be beneficial for writers and artists. What they have going on with this Justice League run is a bit too chaotic for any project. I do prefer when there’s just one writer working on it as well. I feel like the grand scheme can sometimes overrule the plans the writer might have for characters and their development. Thank you again for reading, Chris! I look forward to your upcoming posts too, sir.

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