Lashaan’s Monthly Anticipation | August 2019

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49 thoughts on “Lashaan’s Monthly Anticipation | August 2019

  1. So much cool things coming up! I definitely look forward to that Pennyworth series as well. No idea yet what to think of it, but hey it’s an interesting concept, and if done well, it could be fun😊
    Hobbs and Shaw will probably be a fun popcorn movie, completely over the top but eh…that’s what those movies are about anyway😊
    Good luck by the way with year 2 of you Ph.D I’m pretty sure you will be doing fine, but can imagine it’s going to be a tough challenge! 😊 As always I look forward to all the posts coming out from you in August! 😊

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    1. All we can do is watch and see how it goes. It’s ambitious to even tackle his background and give us a series on a character like him when fans are crying for a Batman series first (which makes sense, honestly) but I guess it would be too complicated to have a TV Batman and a movie Batman…

      Yep, Hobbs and Shaw will probably be crazy fun, to say the least. We’ll see how it goes.

      Thank you, sir! It’ll probably never get easier as I approach the end of it slowly (or quickly). But I honestly can’t wait to see the end of it all! 😀 Have an excellent month of August yourself, sir! 😀

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  2. The Brandon Sanderson blurb on that Brian McClellan title has it adding it to my TBR right now!!!! I am trying to get into comics, I have never read them, but am trying to branch out so I just got an ARC of Mooncakes and hopefully I will enjoy it. Based on your trailer picks I was wondering if you’ve heard of Carnival Row? It comes out on Amazon Prime on August 31st and looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! You should check it out.

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    1. Oh yes. Brandon Sanderson knows his authors, and Brian McClellan has so far never disappointed me. Do check out his books! 😀

      Oh man, I can only encourage you to explore the comic world. Even if it’s not superheroes, there are so many wonderful and powerful stories told through that medium that are worth checking out.

      I’ve heard of Carnival Row! It sounds super intriguing and I love the setting. It’s so dark and eerie!

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      1. I just picked up Mooncakes! I am trying to branch into new mediums. I have been getting into podcasts and I want to read audiobooks.

        I am so hype for Carnival row. It looks like it might become my new favorite show.

        I will add Brian McClellan to my TBR right now

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  3. When I was in highschool I binge read tons of Agatha Christie novels. The ones about Hercule Poiorot were my favourite 🙂 More than 10 years later and I don’t remember most of them… lol So I’ve been meaning to re-read them at some point this year, do like an “Agatha Christie month”.

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    1. I used to hear about Poirot a lot during high school but stayed stubborn and preferred Holmes and read Conan Doyle’s stuff more. It’s why I’m slowly trying to fix it by going occasionally going through some of her books hahah You should totally give her books a shot again. From the sound of it, you’ll probably love them a lot! 😀

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  4. Wow you have a lot of things to look forward to Lashaan! Good luck for your second year of PhD!! 😊 As for me, August will be the month of relaxing and trying to finish all the books that I’ve started and haven’t finished yet 😀

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  5. Looks like a really good August 😀 I’m super excited for Hobbs & Shaw, hubby has addicted the kids to the Fast & Furious franchise so they are of course excited for the movie too. Personally I think it just looks like a fun movie 😀

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  6. Wrath of Empire has such a neat cover I kind of want to go check out the first book… I guess I’m a sucker for covers! 😉 The Dragon Republic is one I really should have requested, even if I didn’t get it but the language was so heavy… I hope you enjoy everything Lashaan!! It sounds like you have a really great line up of books and shows and movies!!

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    1. Sins of Empire was one of my favourite fantasy reads so I can already recommend that one highly. 😀 As for its sequel, Wrath of Empire, we’ll find soon enough if it’s as awesome as its predecessor! 😛
      I’ll probably not watch all those shows/movies but yes! I look forward to all the things I’ll be reading/checking out this final month of summer (although some might argue that September counts as a summer month)! 😛


  7. It’s always great to have things to look forward to and I thrive on my geeky passions for comics, TV and film that get me through the everyday humdrum…life is always the better for all that good stuff!

    I’m a bit hesitant about Superman: Year One as I’ve heard it’s pretty dire but may eventually check it out when it’s collected. I’m not so sure about DCeased but it also may be fun, I look forward to your review of that in due course! I’m curious about Pennyworth also…I’ve just tarted the last season of Gotham which was never really all that great (but enjoyable at times) yet I ended up sticking with it…like anything Batman related!

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    1. I’m completely with you there. While I might not see/read all the things I look forward to, it’s nice to know that they will be out for all of us to enjoy at some point too.

      I’m definitely not paying for the single large-size issues of Frank Miller’s Superman. I’m already a bit biased with his latest work but I still want to see what kind of disaster he plans on sharing with us next hahah Hopefully, he proves everyone wrong. I too am skeptical about DCeased but the art has me intrigued, the premise even more. Oh man… I had to pause on the last season of Gotham myself. I stuck with it for the same reason as you but then all the non-DCU shows tired me.

      Have you gotten around to checking out Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing, or you’re also waiting for those to get picked up on Netflix? I hope they do something about this region restrictions. Especially before the next shows (Star Girl, etc.) come out.


      1. Alas, no…neither Netflix or Amazon (or an actual TV station) have picked up Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing and I’m itching to see both. Netflix have Titans so I thought they would have gotten the rights to all the DC Universe shows (then again, they have Star Trek: Discovery but the Picard series will stream on Amazon so who knows?).

        I would honestly pay for DCU if they launched it over here but I guess that’s highly unlikely given the market is much smaller.

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  8. It sounds like you’ll have an amazing month with all these exciting things planned 😍 I personally look forward to finishing all the books I’ve started and finally finishing Breaking Bad 😂 great post and I wish you a wonderful month, Lashaan ☀️😊

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    1. Hahaha yes, there’s a lot of awesome things coming out but I doubt I’ll be able to see/read EVERYTHING too. 😛 It’s just nice to know that they’re coming, giving everyone something to do if they don’t know what to do! 😀 And hell yes to finishing Breaking Bad! That finale! ❤

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  9. Love this post 🙂 So many good looking books on there! I am craving fantasy and thrillers at the moment…fingers crossed I can read more in the fall.
    I hope your high momentum in your studies will continuesly fuel your endeavors.
    Happy reading 📚
    Where are you visiting in the States?

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    1. Thanks, Scarlett! I do hope you’ll get to read all the books you for the end of summer/fall as well. Got to squeeze in as much as we can before 2020 hits us, right? Thank you for your warm wishes!

      San Francisco for the annual meeting for The American Society of Criminology! I’ll probably extend my visit just to visit the city. 😀

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