The Wicked King : A Wicked Read

I got my expectations a bit too high for this book I think. With that said, it’s my own fault to have them and it’s my own fault that I got disappointed.

Watching my back is the perfect opportunity to stick a knife in it.

However, as a book on its own, it was still pretty enjoyable. The Wicked King followed The Cruel Prince and made me dive in this universe that I would never thought I would like : faeries but bloody.

What starts as a normal faerie story continues to be as enigmatic and eerie than ever in this sequel. Jude Duarte plays a dangerous game in the court, she heaves the strings of power and knows her place and what she would do in the next year would be primordial. I feel like I get to like Jude even more and even better in this novel. I love the complexity of her character, how everything is not defined by stereotypes and you can feel her conflicts.

Yet, what I like a bit less or even find disappointing is the writing style. I know the author didn’t have much time between the first book and the sequel, but it doesn’t have to be rushed. When I finish the book, I thought I was reading only a draft. No finer writing style and subtle sensation that we got in the first.

To decide if I like a book or not, you guys know one of the main factor I like in a good book is the plot twist. And omg. The ending of this book did leave me SHOOK and wanting more. The cliffhanger WAS ON POINT.

I still feel conflicted on how to rate the book, what would you do when you encounter a book you’re not sure how to rate it? :O

Trang Tran

9 thoughts on “The Wicked King : A Wicked Read

  1. Well…that does sometimes happen: I have had that happen with movies at times, not really sure how to rate what I have seen. Honestly though: I think you did a great job here with pointing out both the strengths and weaknesses for his book. So this was simply put a well balanced review and that’s what we as readers couldn’t ask for more 😊


  2. Wonderful review! Thanks for the warning about the cliffhanger! I think I’m going to wait until the next one is out before I read The Wicked King. 😉


  3. At least you liked the ending! 😁 When I’m not sure how to rate a book, there’s usually something that bothered me enough not to rate it more than 4 stars, but it’s not too disappointing to have 2 stars, so itusually ends up as a 3 stars 😂


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