Aliens: Resistance by Brian Wood

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34 thoughts on “Aliens: Resistance by Brian Wood

  1. Well….I was enthusiastic when I saw a post for Aliens, but then I saw the grade and read the review and that enthusiasm ended fast lol. Definitely a missed opportunity then. The game was pretty good, it was in fact one of the last videogames I played before I ended my videogame “career” so this should have been much better. Too bad it ain’t 😢There have been a lof of comics/novels from Dark Horse, some with a pretty high quality. Too bad this isn’t one of those. Oh well…at least this means I end up saving some money for a change, so there is that😊

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    1. Hahaaha I looked forward to reading about your disappointment despite you being excited to see a Aliens post showing up in your Reader! 😛 Yep, this was unfortunate. So far, in my experience, any comic book that is born from a video game/move/show turned out to disappoint me too. I hope someone will prove this wrong before I give up on them hahah And yes, it’s a bit sad that Dark Horse hasn’t been doing too good with their recent Alien/Predator stories…. But yes, I’m glad to save some people from picking this up, unless you’re collecting them and still want to go through it even if it ain’t that good hahah Thanks for reading, Michel! 😀

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  2. Darn, it’s sad to hear that this another swing and miss from the Dark Horse Aliens titles – I was kind of looking forward to checking this out as Brain Wood’s previous Aliens series (“Defiance” – collected into two volumes, have you read those?) I quite enjoyed and I was a big fan of the Isolation video game, which, forgive me if I’m repeating myself, would make a good basis for a new movie/streaming mini-series.

    I’ll still give it a cursory look, eventually, but I wish the quality of the Dark Horse Aliens and Predator comics could rise as they seem to be in a general decline in recent years, bar a couple of bright spots. I wonder if Disney will wrestle control of the license and hand it over to Marvel now they own the Fox franchises…I don’t necessarily support that as they’re becoming not unlike Weyland Yutani in certain respects and it’d be a huge loss for Dark Horse (who’ve already lost the Star Wars rights), but they really need to up their game!

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    1. I actually have those two volumes and need to read them to clean my conscious of Aliens: Resistance now hahaha And yes, it would indeed be pretty cool to see Isolation adapted onto the big screen/something on Netflix hahah

      I totally agree about the decline on the quality. I have yet to be really impressed by what I read from their recent releases… I have one more Aliens story queued up and it seems promising but I’m not sure (I’ll keep it a surprise for now).

      I also agree. It will be a sad day for Dark Horse if they lose their rights on Aliens/Predators. They seem like the least competitive out there, despite their history and reputation as a top publisher.


  3. Ouch ouch ouch Lashaan! Yes it hurts especially if he is so acclaimed but …well if it is bad for you it’s bad there’s nothing to it!

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  4. That’s a pity – I remember reading some old comics Alien vs. Predator, years ago, and they were pretty decent, but nowadays there seems to be a dearth of good Alien franchise (don’t get me started on Prometheus! :P) Either this, or your luck in comics is running out 😉

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