Batman: Detective Comics: Batmen Eternal by James Tynion IV

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21 thoughts on “Batman: Detective Comics: Batmen Eternal by James Tynion IV

  1. Hmm, sounds like a bit of a mixed bag of stories and ending to Tynion’s run that could have been slightly better unless I am reading this wrong. I know very little about the character of Batwoman. (In fact I think it’s better to say that I don’t know anything about her lol). Are there any story arcs that you know of that introduce her, or gives some more background on her character?

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    1. Indeed, it could’ve been much better but it clearly felt like it needed to wrap things up. I’d probably recommend Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka to get a nice idea of what the character is like, with some nice artwork to go with it. She’s a pretty recent character that was born after one of DC’s earlier events too.

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  2. Eh, meh. I did read almost all of this series and was thoroughly disappointed. Batwoman especially is such a painfully stereotypical character my teeth hurt when I read about her. But the whole Bat family was portrayed in a very stereotypical vein here, and though Red Robin’s arc had some potential, in the end it too was very predictable. So if you say the ending is even worse… count me out 😉

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      1. 🤣 there’s definitely something to what you’re saying here… Still, I’m always looking in comics for something that will take my breath away – here it was conspicuously absent.

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  3. I’m always interested in stories that include Tim Drake, even if I know I’ll never actually read them. But this just sounds kind of meh. The differing artists and styles would definitely kill any interest I had. I’ve always preferred the same style of art for any storyline. Even if that just isn’t a viable option…

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    1. He is indeed an interesting character, the only one who asks to join Batman before Batman could recruit him too. And I’m totally with you. It’s too hard to have multiple artists work on the same story arc and make it all seem to fit together. I know they can change that since some stories are still being one with a one artist team nowadays. They just need to fix their publication obligations and not make it biweekly…

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  4. Awesome overview sir and it’s been great following your journey reading this series. Whilst not perfect (what is?), Tynion, on the whole delivered an enjoyable run on Detective and I liked the approach of it’s focus on the extended Bat-family. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on further volumes, for myself, the book has been on a bit of a downward slope (minus the excellent issue #1000) since Tynion’s departure.

    Looking forward to more from you (good or not so good) on Tom King’s Batman as well!

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    1. Thanks, man. I fear it might be going downhill from here on out too. I’m still too curious about anything within the Detective Comics or Batman series to drop them for now. I also for the deluxe edition of #1000 that I look forward to reading and reviewing later into the series.

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