Batman: Detective Comics: On the Outside by Bryan Hill

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18 thoughts on “Batman: Detective Comics: On the Outside by Bryan Hill

  1. Ok, that was weird. I accidentally read this “in feed” instead of going directly to your webpage the first time around. Everything was justified-left and I was thinking “hmmm, which do I like better. centered or justified-left for your info block”. Then I realized I was still in the feed view and closed it out. Came back to the actual page and voila, centered again.

    Not exactly a content oriented comment, I know. But hey, if I wanted to just comment on content, I’d go back to devilreads and harangue idiots 😉

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    1. I’ve actually always wondered why a lot of people don’t justify their paragraphs actually. I just have a habit to do it because of academic essays and I find it most appealing when it’s centered or justified hahah

      Hahah I don’t mind content-or-not-oriented comments. It’s already a lot that you took the time to read this! 😀

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      1. Would that mean everyone’s chest/waist/hip dimensions would be equal?? 😉 “In the world of blocky figures”… Or maybe it would be a dark, gritty storyline in the vein of Watchmen about a secret plot of superheroes creating threats in order to justify their own existence 😀

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  2. It’s certainly an intriguing premise to explore whether Batman is better alone in with younglings following him around like a flock… but it sounds like those given the task of giving it life wasn’t really feeling it. I also feel like deadlines come into play with this kind of ho-hum work. Stories need to be explored to find the right path to write them! 😉

    Hahaha stooge’s comment is so funny! I wondered how you got that justify to work with the quote graphic expanding past the text. It must be the theme. I do like the justify and your large text!! I wish my text could be changed. 😀

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    1. Yeh, shoes might have been a bit too big to fill for these guys. And yes, deadlines play a lot with these series, with biweekly releases. All the more impressive when they actually get a story arc right though! 😁

      Hahahah I too enjoy the font size and justifying my texts! As for my quote, it was a change in the coding that allows things in “blockquote” to expand past the text! 😁


  3. I actually forgot about this short arc! I think casually entertaining is about right, I thought bringing in Black Lightning was pretty cool and added some interesting dynamics and the TV show got me interested in the character. On a tangent, have you seen season 2 of Black Lightning? I still have it on my watchlist, I really enjoyed season 1 but a bit hesitant with the rumours it may get cancelled next season. BL is going to be part of Crisis on Infinite Earths as well, not sure how I feel about that as I’m done with the Arrow-verse (man, I wish Batwoman could have been a DC Universe show…so much potential there) and liked the fact that it stood on its own.

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    1. It was pretty forgettable if you ask me. It’s nice that they shun some light on BL but this really felt like an opportunity to use a part of the Detective Comics series to introduce a new series (which is the case…) making Detective Comics a lifeboat for creative teams. I still haven’t checked out season 2 though. I too was hesitant. And I was quit the CW shows after their last major crossover event. I didn’t know they also planned to bring in BL in there but I do know about all the Supermen talk for it. I still don’t know if I should toughen my way through them to see Arrow’s grand finale…

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      1. Yeah, I’m curious about Crisis on Infinite Earths and wonder if they can pull off all of the crazy stuff that’s been announced (Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne, Brandon Routh as the Kingdom Come Superman)…but I found Elseworlds to be painfully cringe-worthy and far too self aware.

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