Justice League: Throne of Atlantis by Geoff Johns

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35 thoughts on “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis by Geoff Johns

  1. Lately, I’ve been on an Aquaman kick, but have been reading stand-alone titles, so I should check this out as I want to see him as an integral part of the JL team!

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    1. I definitely recommend checking out this one then! Geoff John’s Aquaman series is also noted as the best of the best too! I also read Aquaman: Underworld by Dan Abnett and found that it was not only BEAUTIFUL, it actually was a good story arc!


  2. Honestly Lashaan I can feel your admiration for that writer but what really amazed mr (from your IG where I first saw the drawings) are the drawings. I don’t know if you draw or not but I did (and do sometimes ) and I can assure you that drawing someone crouched and ready to spring or someon being feral and having it all right with the perspective, muscles etc is no easy feat. Here it’s done perfectly! So I believe you about the scenarii but I really am amazed by the drawings 😉

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    1. I used to enjoy drawing a lot back in High School but then my interests shifted onto other things but I can see appreciate the skills it must take to achieve the things some artists are able to achieve! 😍 And with this art style, there’s no surprise why there a lot of wonderful pin-ups and cover art being created for single issues! 😁


  3. Dude!!! No glimpse of a two page spread?! 😉 How funny that this is called Justice League and it about Aquaman? Or is it just that the other roles aren’t worth mentioning? Anyway I think this sounds like a fascinating story arc. I love when we get to massive destruction… I’m not sure if that if my love of post-apocalyptic but those spreads and art always wow me. It would be hard to choose between sides for sure though. He “lives” with the Justice League and yet Atlantis is family.

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    1. Nop! They’re too epic for pictures. You’ll have to pick this up to see what’s up! 😁 Ahhh see, you touched on an excellent point that is often a subject of a lot criticism during the New 52 era of DC Comics. Aquaman had his own comic book series and this story arc is present in there, overlapping with the Justice League series. Since the event in itself is a Justice League level threat, the other heroes around the world are part of it, thus making Aquaman the center of attention, with the others around. And yes, he’s a “half-bread” too after all. Mother is the Queen of Atlantis while Father is a human mortal. The struggle is real. 😂


  4. Great review sir, I enjoy following your adventures with this – the best – Justice League series. Throne of Atlantis was great, a truly epic and cinematic comics event with great characterisation – Geoff Johns really did a lot to help redefine the character of Aquaman (isn’t it odd now to see him in his pre-movie look?) and the world and politics of Atlantis. Can’t wait for you to eventually reach the Darkseid War!

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