The Tower of Living and Dying by Anna Smith Spark

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27 thoughts on “The Tower of Living and Dying by Anna Smith Spark

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this series – I hope you enjoy the third book too. It feels like the only possible conclusion for this tale.
    ASS is such a great author – I love her writing style, it’s just so unique.
    Lynn 😀

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  2. I was especially thrilled to hear you mention the short sentences or even singular words that aid the tempo of the action. I myself enjoy experimenting with such, yet I seem to hear that it’s a “no-no”. Good to know that it’s not totally forbidden and that people actually enjoy it.

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  3. I have not managed to move past book 1 of this series, yet, but with such a glowing review, that brought back the memories of those hard-to-like characters that nonetheless were so intriguing, I must do my best to place book 2 in my reading queue….
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. I too was stuck after book 1 and it took me the recent release of the third book for me to want to binge through the finale. I think her books only get better with each entry now. I know the flaws I found in the first book are now strengths in this one, for example. Hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to try it out! Thank you for reading! 😀

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  4. How fascinating that what you thought of as flaws in the first book were so stellar in the second. I love the use of singular words to give punch to the flow of a narrative. I suspect I would appreciate the writing of this. I also think its fascinating that it is in essence a story of watching the descent of a character. Especially paired with such a modern, sparse cover!! That is no fantasy look that I know. Very, very fascinating. You sell it well Lashaan as usual. 😉

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    1. Yes, it was odd but I think it’s when I saw how effective it was during war sequences that I found the style so intriguing. It’s not easy to pull of, however, and definitely not a style that will please many. I’m glad to hear it has intrigued you though! Thank you so much for reading, Dani! 😁

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      1. But it isn’t completely absent? Sometimes even a glimmer is enough for me. I think I’m going to have to think this over if I really want to add this to my tbr. Red Sister made me even more leery than ever of things labeled grimdark…

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        1. Nop, not COMPLETELY. Although, I’m having a tough time imagining you rooting for the protagonist here. I think there might me a better chance of that happening with one of the minor characters and their POV hahah

          I personally can only recommend highly Ed McDonald’s Raven’s Mark trilogy over any other grimdark series recently released.

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