Wilder Girls by Rory Power : Uneasy yet Addicting Thriller

Sometimes you read a book and you dive directly into it without knowing what’s at stake. At first, you’re confused. Very confused. As your read along, before you even realizing it, you are way too deep in the story to even lift your head and ignore what’s happening around you. The only thing that matters is what’s happening to the characters. You need to turn another page to reach a certain knowledge, to satisfy that craving.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power is one of a few books that successfully keeping me on edge. The suspense contributes quite beautifully to the atmosphere and it reminds me of Jeff Vandemeer writing style. The surrealism is there but also the horror elements. We don’t really understand what a bunch of girls are going through. But as we read along, we discover a sense of community. A bond that these girls have built because of the horrors they’ve seen.

All we know is they’re stuck in a school, more like quarantine and a hierarchy is formed, a leadership is needed but the want to discover what’s out there causing them to quarantine. As the world around them keeps getting smaller, girls collapsing after girls, strange phenomenon appearing on their skins, weird pains that no human has experienced before.

This debut novel is strong and despite the YA Novel etiquette, it deserves all the praise it can get.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for the copy to review!

9 thoughts on “Wilder Girls by Rory Power : Uneasy yet Addicting Thriller

  1. The cover for Wilder Girls is sooo gorgeous! I really want to read this book, as I have heard amazing things about it. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed it as well. Great review! 😀


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