Batman: Detective Comics: Deface the Face by James Robinson

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19 thoughts on “Batman: Detective Comics: Deface the Face by James Robinson

  1. (First to comment…yay!) Yep, I had a feeling you wouldn’t enjoy this arc and the points you raise I pretty much why I didn’t either. I think the sudden exclusion of the Bat-family and as you say, the fact that the previous arc was ultimately a set-up for the Outsiders series, diminishes the appeal and gives Detective Comics a bit of an identity crisis as a result. But yes, on top of that it’s just not a particularly good Two Face story (have you read Robinson’s Face the Face? I haven’t but it doesn’t seem to be popular) – man, I would’ve loved to have seen a big Two Face arc by Tom King that could’ve been special as he’s a great character when handled properly.

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    1. And here I thought you looked forward to my thoughts because it might be a solid story! I’m just glad we’re on the same page here. It really was a letdown. Now I got mixed feelings for the next arc with Peter J. Tomasi… Not sure if I should be excited or not. I believe this is where their make the Arkham Knight a bit more “canonical”… I haven’t read Face the Face but when I do, I really hope it’ll be much better than this… I think King’s version of it would have been pretty interesting but I guess we’ll never get it for now…

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      1. Tomasi’s Arkham Knight (can you believe I still haven’t finished the game?) is more enjoyable but not outstanding in any particular way. I wasn’t getting into the new run at all but things seem to be on the upswing with the last couple of issues, so fingers crossed that continues!

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  2. Aaaarg Lashaan! Why do you do this to you??? LOL Now honestly I am so sorry that it seemed so unrealistic. If a book feels “un believable” I end up rolling my eyes all the time and wanting to stop reading so I can relate! Let’s hope your next reads will be way better!

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  3. GAHHH I really hate when certain expectations are developed in a previous volume and then aren’t realized. It’s tough when your disappointment is so keen. I kind of like the look of the art but I do love super clean and graphic so maybe its that. Plus I don’t imagine that style suiting Batman TBH. It really is too bad since Two Face is such a fun character too.

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