20 thoughts on “Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka

  1. Awesome review sir! I’ve actually got the digital version of the first Rucka volume but haven’t checked it out yet (always seems to be the case with me haha). I’ve always been intrigued by Batwoman and I think she is generally more complex and thus, more interesting than Batgirl – her character feels the the closest of the Bat family to Batman I’d say.

    I’m not sure about the CW series…mainly because it’s another DC/CW series and I honestly can’t see it being anything remarkable in that respect. Had it been a DC Universe show and probably be all in as they’d likely take more chances on that platform. Do you plan to give it a go?

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    1. Thank you, sir. This was a story arc I wanted to read since a while (not a fan of the new edition with Ruby Rose on it though). Her character is definitely intriguing, and I liked what Tynion tried to do with her. There’s potential in her character and definitely more than Batgirl (I prefer her as Oracle, if anything else…).

      Man, I wish I could give you a passionate “Yes!” but I’m skeptical about any CW shows right now. I’ll give her show a try though because it’s hard for me to say no to anything remotely related to Batman/Gotham.


  2. Well Lashaan this trailer sure was interesting! But wait! Batman is not coming back???? LOL And I appreciate your comment on her skintight suit being …distracting ;-)))))))

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  3. Oh man, I really hope DC makes something more with this character. I’m still not convinced by her, as unfortunately there are too many stereotypes at the foundation of her character – and her sexualization is just the tip of the iceberg ;).

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    1. Yep. There’s potential but for the time being, her character is only explored on the surface with “politics” being put first in her characters representation (lesbian? ex-military?). As for her sexualization, I think James Tynion IV exploited that a lot less in his Detective Comics run, for example. Hopefully someone will do better in the future (unless someone already did and I just need to pick it up).

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  4. Oh no, I though Batwoman was Batman’s wife…! 😱 I won’t say something about over-sexualization of women in the media but you probably know what my thoughts are 😂 Anyway, it sounds like an interesting character 🤔 And great review! 😊

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  5. WOW! A diverse super hero?! I didn’t know they existed!! That is super neat. I especially love when we learn about a character slowly so I don’t feel its contrived character dumping. The art is neat though I find with such styles that certain frames don’t always look and end up corny at times. I can see what you mean by that one page you shared that the art can be hard to follow. I dislike that, but sometimes its intentional. Which seems to be the case here. And I can’t believe there is another show!!

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    1. Ohhhhh there’s plenty of diverse superheros. They just aren’t the A-class ones but over the past years, they’ve garnered a lot of attention (soon we’ll probably see them in action on the big screen). The artwork definitely feels intentionally confusing at times but at others, it really is impossible to know what the right reading order is at first glance. While it is an issue, it’s still fun since it forces you to take more time to read and appreciate the art on each page! 😀

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