Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello

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29 thoughts on “Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello

  1. WOW, the art is killer. I’m pretty shocked that this didn’t work so well. The art is totally spot on for the premise of a dark look at why the Dark Knight is the Dark Knight. Still if it doesn’t work then its a total waste. I’m not sure why they went the hyper sexualized route either as it seems to have tainted the purpose of the story in its entirety. I also like the idea of other heroes coming in and giving Batman their own perspective, but it seems they missed the boat on that too,.Great review Lashaan!

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    1. Yep. If anything, people should check out Batman: Noel where Lee Bermejo’s artwork is paired with an excellent story! I do like the idea but I feel like it missed its target here and should’ve taken more time into building it up. The hypersexualization was super unnecessary but hey… it’ll please some crowds… The other heroes who are integrated into the story are interesting but they aren’t developed enough to make it all worthwhile… Hopefully the next Azzarello story will be much better. Thank you so much for reading, Dani!

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  2. Ha damn! I loved the idea of Batman being conflicted and lost but when you comment on the execution and all that I get that it missed its mark! And that’s a real pity!

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  3. Coincidence: I downloaded this one right before I read your review. I’m going to see how I feel about it keeping to a plotline, but one of my pet peeves is dream sequences and how authors/ artists try to draw them.

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  4. I can totally see why people get confused when they see a trailer. Back in the day it used to be only reserved for movies; however, now, there’s a trailer for everything (a book, a game, a meeting).

    I clicked on your hyperlink regarding the controversy and went from there. If this label is meant for “adult content”, then why are they banning frontal nudity? They say it didn’t add to the story and I understand that, but did it deduct from it? I don’t think so? It’s just the messed up way of censoring nowadays. There will be no more smoking featured in Stranger Things, unless it advances the story. We know that smoking is not essential for the plot, but c’mon!

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    1. Exactly. It’s even more disappointing for superhero stuff since we have so many movies/shows for them that any trailer featuring them is quickly assocaited to movies/shows.

      And I’m totally with you. See that’s why it’s such a ridiculous controversy that had the company panicking for no good reason. Especially when you female characters showing 90% of their skin in so many comics, it makes no sense that a little bit of men nudity triggers this much of a reaction. I didn’t know about the Stranger Things and smocking thing. I’ll have to look that up now.

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  5. Uh oh and here was me thinking you’d probably love Damned…how wrong! I enjoyed it quite a bit more (you might recall my review of the first issue a while back) but it’s still great to read your thoughts on this my friend. You make some evocative points that I hadn’t really considered (i.e. the element of hypersexulization) and you really do qualify those arguments in a manner I can’t disagree with – but I did find myself engaged with “Damned” overall.

    I do wonder about the ongoing success of DC’s Black Label though as Superman: Year One sounds terrible. Maybe the forthcoming Harley Quinn mini might turn things around – and “Three Jokers” as well, whenever that eventually surfaces (Geoff Johns is every the busy man!), I’ve been looking forward to that since it was announced (Jason Fabok’s art is always a…draw).

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    1. Yep, I remember your review for book 1 of 3. I was pretty hyped about it back then too. But man, I’m not entirely sold by the result with this compilation. I do wonder if we’ll get a “third” part to Azzarello’s stories, like something that would explore the Joker’s arc after that revelation in the story, for example.

      Same… They have been republishing some classics under the Black Label imprint too but I wonder if it’ll survive long term or die along the way. At least those you mention here sound promising and I hope they pull it off.


  6. Yeah, no. I’m not touching anything by Azzarello after that horrible money grab that was Watchmen prequels. Bermejo’s art is unique indeed, though not my favorite, by a long shot. Too dirty, in all meanings of the word 😉

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    1. Hahahaha I still need to try some of those prequels but first a reread of Watchmen is due soon, especially with the TV series coming out in October. And.. I can definitely understand for Bermejo. Did you try Batman: Noel though? I don’t remember the hypersexualization in that one though and I greatly enjoyed it for a retelling of A Christmas Carol within the Batman universe.

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