Styling Plants in my Apartment

Hi there! Back in my post where I reviewed Wild at Home by Hilton Carter, a lot of people were interested to see how I style mine ! I don’t really have a particular structure for this post, it will mostly be a lot of pictures. Because I have no idea how to blog about interior design LOL.


The first thing I do  : get easy to care indoor plants. Look, that’s how you learn. So don’t go and fancy some exotic bonzai if you don’t have any experience in keeping your plants alive.  Here, I got a money tree sitting besides my armchair. It’s super easy to take care of a money tree, it needs light but don’t need to be watered often.

For more examples of easy to grow plants, you can check out my boyfriend’s instagram account here, he is way more obsessed about plants than me so feel free to ask him in his DMs any questions you have about plants! 

Capture d’écran 2019-09-13 à 15.15.17
Check out my boyfriend’s instagram @sleepyinterior for more plants inspirations


The second tip I’d give is to get plants at different heights and with different textures. Having variety is a good thing. For example, succulents are a great way to decorate the window frame because they’re often small and tiny and very resistant to sunburn. 

Capture d’écran 2019-09-13 à 16.19.09

In the picture below, it’s a Peace Lily and because of its size, we decided to put it besides the couch. It compliments the space between our couch and dining table.

(c) Trang Tran


Once you’re comfortable with your plants, you can gradually go ahead and start propagation. For examples, we bought a bunch of basils and we end up cutting some to reproduce it without seed. Here’s an example of how I propagate them: you just put the basils in some small vase with some water on it and wait for the roots to grow. Once you notice it grew abundantly, you can slowly move it to a real pot and put on soil.

For detailed instruction how to grow your own basil, I just watched this video right here.

The rest of the designs all depend pretty much on the shape of the pot. I used some whiskey bottle, vintage bottles, round ceramic pots or even a glass sphere. 
(c) Trang Tran
(c) Trang Tran
(c) Trang Tran

I just started my plant journey and of course there are still a lot to be done! Do you intend to have indoor plants in your house/appt? Let me know what would you like to see next ! 


9 thoughts on “Styling Plants in my Apartment

  1. I love what you’re doing. It looks great! This year we moved to a different country and since it is temporary I am trying to find the balance of making it feel like a comfortable home and not investing too much into decorations, etc. But I can’t live without flowers and plants so we have a few inside and outside. I really like peace lilies and ferns.


  2. Oh, how lovely! We have a clowder of cats so indoor plants are a no-no. One is part Abyssinian, and gets into EVERYTHING. At one point, years ago, I kept bonsais and cacti. Come to think…. I bet Loki would avoid cacti! I more prefer our outside flowers. We have California irises and poppies. I love that poppies sleep, and are waking up when I walk in the mornings.


  3. Okay, first off, all the photos just give off such a great vibe! Also your boyfriend’s instagram is just so lovely! Also this post made me want more indoor plants without me fearing I might kill them off.


  4. I’ve been trying to keep plants alive for a looong time, but only recently they seem to respond well to my (over?) caring attitude towards them 🤔 After burying various cacti, I’m now the proud mother of 4 small healthy plants living in my bedroom (now that I write this, I expect them to die suddenly) 😊 I might try propagating basil because mine is in deep suffering 😥


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