42 thoughts on “The Seven Heavenly Virtues Book Tag

  1. Heya, how do you remember the books or the characters. I have no idea how I would do this tag😂😂 I read, write and forget… 😂 😂
    Thank you so much for this tag.. With Christmas around maybe I should confess my sins and become a good girl so that I get my gifts… What say you?

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  2. So Robin is your role model? Huh, I never would have guessed 😉

    Now, I do have to ask, why do you consider the Blackwing trilogy under rated? From a blogging perspective he was everywhere when his books came out. I haven’t looked around elsewhere though, so is his presence much smaller in the devilreads circle and places like that?

    I’ve thought about trying out Lynch but his inability to wrap up his series is a no-starter for me. Jordan burned me (even though Sanderson finished the Wheel of Time, thankfully) and Rothfuss pretty much amputated me at the knees, so now I simply can’t give an author “the benefit of the doubt”. Glad you’re sticking by him though. I think…

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    1. Bro, come on, bro. Hahahahah

      Well, I guess it’s just what we understand as “underrated/overrated”. I find something underrated when it doesn’t get sufficent marketing or enough buzz for an extended period of time. It would thus need to be as “talked about” as The Testaments by Margaret Atwood right now, for example. Now, if The Testaments actually sucks… although there’s a common consensus out there that it’s actually good, then I’d PERSONALLY qualify it as overrated. In the end, it depends on what’s your sample size and I think the niche of SFF readers on blogging world, at least those I follow, isn’t enough to determine something’s under/over-ratingness hahah

      Ah man, I know how you feel about those “kinds” of authors and it is a sad reality. I wonder if they even get any kinds of pressure from publishers to write those books… Then again, GRRM probably knows by now how insane it is to keep on working on various projects but NOT what everyone else wants…

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      1. 😀 I figured I’d get your goat with that Robin crack 🙂

        So under/over rated is more generalized than JUST the intended market. Gotcha. My sample size is so much smaller and I since I’ve shut out a lot of the wider social media world I just act like it doesn’t exist, even while it does 🙂

        I figure I’ll stop being salty about that kind of author once I’m dead. Until then, The Salt Must Flow! (Dune reference there by the way 😉 )

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        1. Yep. It really comes down to how connected you are to the social media/publicity world, if you ask me. I also think Goodreads is a good place to determine if something is over or underrated since that platform is pretty much a place where everything is determined by popularity (especially their awards). And seeing that Ed McDonald’s debut trilogy only has a pretty limited number of reviews compared to the likes of Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, it’s easier to determine who’s under/overrated.

          I’ll definitely remember that reference when I get around to reading Dune by the end of the month hahahah

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  3. Oh wow, you’ve read Crime and Punishment? It’s so LONG.

    The book I push on to others is Six of Crows – I think my copy has been around most of my friends at this point. 😂 People who read my blog are almost definitely sick of me recommending Batgirl: Stephanie Brown too…

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    1. It is indeed but it is sooooo worth it! 😉

      Oh my God! If I know the person I’m talking to wants a YA novel, I ALWAYS mention Six of Crows too. It’s my favourite YA novel and probably the best of the best too! 😀 And I’m soooo happy to hear someone mention a DC hero recommendation!!! 😀


  4. Many thanks for the shout-out, Lashaan! 😉
    I did expect Miller on the list 😀
    Crime and Punishment, I would never have guessed, though it seems fitting, especially considering your professional interests 😉
    And finally, I feel I must ask you: if Robin (and not Batman, cause I still have my doubts about that one, that’s a cheeky little gif pointing in two directions at once) is your role-model, which Robin is it? 😉

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    1. No problem, Ola! Hahahah glad to see you’ve caught on with my Miller-ship. Hahaha yes, I absolutely love Crime and Punishment for the character development. The same reason why I ADORE Breaking Bad and consider it the best of the best in terms of small screen cinema.
      Ahhhh come on now hahahahah it’s Batman, okay?! But if it had to be a Robin, I’d always go with the original Dick Grayson. At least he also becomes Batman for some time in his career too. 😀 😀 😀

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  5. This tag looks like so much fun- so thanks for tagging me! (I’m also sorry I’m late commenting, I saw this and skimmed it yesterday and just didn’t have time to read it thoroughly, so I wanted to wait instead of leaving a random comment.)

    I have Ed McDonald on my list to read but just haven’t gotten around to it yet- but also sometimes it’s nice to wait until a trilogy is finished.

    I’m also sort of stumped on the “which series gets progressively better” question… If I didn’t like the first.. I probably didn’t read the rest… haha. Great post!

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    1. Don’t worry about it at all, Sarah! It’s already huge that you even took the time to read this post in the first pace. So, THANK YOU, for dropping by! 😀

      Well then. You have no more excuses to dive into his trilogy now! 😀

      Hahahahah I have that issue with series because of how rare it is for me to finish them with my tendency to start new ones all the time! 😛

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  6. Nice! Thanks for joining the Tag 🙂

    I can totally understand your stance on Miller, he is a very unstable genius. Dostoyevsky, on the other hand… I aknowledge his greatness, just couldn’t ever bring myself to like his novels. Maybe because of his unpleasant views on my people.

    Of the other works mentioned… McDonald goes up and up my TBR, with each glowing review 🙂

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  7. I wish I had been able to get the ARC for Blackwing when it came out. But I have been meaning to pick it up… but its good to know the entire series is out. I remember reading your reviews too and thinking this is a series that I could get behind. I get why you say its underrated because while everyone who has reviewed one of the books love them I don’t see too many reviews for the series. Anyway great answers… especially the Batman one. hahaha

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