Burmese Moons by Sophie Ansel

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21 thoughts on “Burmese Moons by Sophie Ansel

  1. I’m kind of disappointed this isn’t a whole book… I feel like it would have made a great novel.

    Also- normally I wouldn’t rush to add something that someone rated 3 stars.. but that cover though… lol. Great review!

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    1. I think it would’ve been fun to see a historical fiction with this event at the heart of it too. Especially when I always tend to go for WWII stories instead hahah

      Can’t blame you cause I sort of was also lured by the cover and the subject of matter for this one hahah Thanks for reading, Sarah! 😀

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  2. I don’t think I have read anything related to Burma. And the fact that so much (incl serious themes) is conveyed in a graphic novel format makes me very interested. Good review!

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  3. A graphic novel with such a theme? Those two do not seem to go well for me.
    The language issue is also something I dislike. I don’t mind curse words, but when they come up out of the blue, it just turns me off and the characters become less believable.

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    1. Ahhh but that’s the magic of graphic novels! There are amazing stories of this kind that make you reflect a lot on issues that are worth picking up.
      And I agree. In this case, I really found that there were two language styles that didn’t work well together and that never helped me enjoy this more than I could’ve.

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  4. Yeah I’m not a fan of these war stories that are like memoirs in graphic novel form. I see them reviewed all the time and want to like them. Think the idea of them is sound but I rarely feel like adding them to my TBR. TBH its all probably down to the art. I can’t read something where I think the art is poor (like here…) it pretty obvious that the art is a bit of a gimmick to make this easier to read and perhaps even to broaden the audience a bit. 😀 Great review though Lashaan!!

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  5. Some powerful thoughts Lashaan and a reminder that comics as a medium can do more than just tell fictional stories about superheroes and other fantasy characters…although I agree that the art looks a little off and perhaps would contribute to the final product not quite gelling, but still it shines light on an important and tragic real world issue.

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  6. It sounds so interesting! I have absolutely no knowledge of this part of history 😯 I think that sharing history through comic books is one of the best ways to do it! Easy to read, illustrated and enjoyable! Unfortunately, I haven’t read anything like that before… I think… 😂 The cover is fantastic 😱

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    1. It’s truly tragic. At the end of the book there’s a real-life account of people the author met with and it shows the scars some have endured or their very poor life conditions. It’s not an easy read but the story sort of overfocused on the tragedy. And yes, the medium is perfect to illustrate these kinds of stories. They just need to be better illustrated hhahaha

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