The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion by Gerard Way

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21 thoughts on “The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion by Gerard Way

  1. Great write-up my friend and a shame this volume doesn’t quite live up to the previous two and it does sound a bit messy. I’m yet to see the Netflix series but it is on my list so hopefully I’ll get around to it eventually…may be while though, I’ve just started The Boys (yep, it is rather ace) and Amazon UK have just announced they’ll be streaming Swamp Thing, which I’ll still check out despite it’s cancellation. Now if they (or Netflix) could just pick up Doom Patrol!

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    1. Yep. I think volume 2 is the only one so far that really stands out, especially since volume 1 served as an introduction to the world, more than anything. What’s accomplished in volume 3 is similar to what’s done in volume 1… So hopefully volume 4 will deliver exactly what we want.

      Super glad to hear you started The Boys! I miss the show so much and can’t wait for season 2 already. Hope you enjoy it, and will look forward to thoughts on it if you ever decide to share it over on your blog, good sir.

      I heard about Swamp Thing and I’m pretty glad that they did that. Really odd that Doom Patrol still isn’t on Netflix though… Maaaaaan the DCU streaming service is so depressing when you know what kind of content it offers. And soon we’re going to have to join Disney+ too… We’re going to be pretty broke pretty quick huh? Hahah

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  2. I do like the artwork! However inconsistent creators like this make me resist following their work. We don’t wait untold time for another installment only for it to be less than stellar. That being said a comic has to naturally stop someplace… page space is a premium because of the art so I always kind of give them slightly more slack. Still I hope the next installment comes quick for you and the ideas from this volume are utilized well. 😀

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    1. It’s a very memorable and unique art style and I can immediate recognize and associate it to this series. It is sad that there are countless issues that could make the process super slow or long, or even a hiatus or 10 that leave fans hanging but man… sometimes you just wish that what comes out of the wait is much better than this. Hopefully volume 4 does just that and utilizes what was built up here for the better!


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