Black Hammer: Streets of Spiral by Jeff Lemire

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18 thoughts on “Black Hammer: Streets of Spiral by Jeff Lemire

  1. You have this awesome skill of writing the reviewin the feel of the comic/ review/ etc. As I read this one, I kept thinking of the word “chaos” and then read that the stories in this piece have not much rhyme nor reason to be in a single publication. Seem like it’s a bit chaotic? Great job for making us feel like we read it and feel the same way as you do.

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  2. I tend to loath these sort of single ancillary/spin-off, tie-in issues that we get in comics and I think they actually read worse when collected together in a single collected volume as for starters, you get a variance in styles in terms of both the writing and the art and then you have their one-off nature whereby there’s a lack of cohesion. Still, I get why they’re collected up like this for completion’s sake yet they usually always feel like disposable filler slotted in between chapters of the main story which is generally quite jarring.

    Awesome review sir!

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    1. I’m 200000% with you. I only tried it out since I enjoy the original series and wanted to be the completionist regarding this universe. There’s honestly nothing too pleasant about the issues collected in here. They’re superficial and irrelevant. Thanks for reading, Chris. I heavily appreciate it.

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    1. No! 😛 The original series might be worth checking out if your curiosity is piqued though. But this collection can be passed on, unless you want to be a completionist like me hahah Then again, I totally understand about the TBR. There’s too many things to read and you might as well focus on those that have a much higher chance of being 10/10. 😉

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  3. Sounds like a volume you’d pick up if you were a fan of the series but of no interest to anyone else. Dark Horse is a fascinating publisher! I’m always curious about the different things coming down the pike from them… though I rarely read them. I couldn’t tell if you’d read Black Hammer before and that was why you reviewed this? Or what. 😉 But totally a great review nonetheless.

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    1. That’s pretty much it. Fans of the series will surely jump on the occasion to get this one but even fans will find this collection a bit weak (unless they’re biased hahah). And yes, I did read all three volumes of the series so far (see the details section of the review for the links to those hahaha).


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